ASOTV Winning Categories: Kitchen

Have an?invention idea for?As Seen on TV? We are always looking for great ideas in our?ASOTV Open Search. Keep reading to learn what categories are most successful?on TV.

This is the third?post in a series where we will explore what we believe to be the 10 chief categories that comprise the As Seen on TV (ASOTV) industry. It is important to note that while most ASOTV products fall into one of these categories, it is not all encompassing.

The ten categories that we will be including in this series are health & beauty, pets, kitchen, storage, tools, exercise & weightless, bath, and children?s toys. Each week we?ll dive into one of these categories and take a look at some of the all-time top products in that category and explain why we believe they make great ASOTV products. In our industry, we typically consider an ASOTV product that sells over 2 MM units a good product. Great products (mega hits) can sell 10 MM units or more. However, actual financials and sales data for ASOTV products are typically unknown, so for the purpose of our blog we will define success by whether or not it made it to retail.

This week, we?ll take a peak into the ?kitchen? category and review some successful products, past and present.

Chop O Matic?Chop-O-Matic

I couldn?t create this list without mentioning Ron Popeil, who is often regarded as the grandfather of DRTV and the first to sell products directly to consumers through TV. Ron Popeil and Ronco introduced the Chop-O-Matic on TV in the early 60s, which retailed for $3.98 and sold over 2 million units. Since the debut of the Chop-O-Matic, there have been several other ASOTV spinoffs including Slap Chop and Chop Magic. Even before ASOTV had been officially established, Ron and his father understood what types of product are best suited for DRTV and how to sell them. I do think Ron?s charm and good looks may have helped a bit too.



Eggies ASOTVEggies

Position: The fast easy way to cook hardboiled eggs without the shell.

Okay, I?m going to toot our horn again. Edison Nation inventor, Betsy Kaufman, came up with the idea for Eggies in an ?ah-hah!? moment while cooking in her kitchen. By some twist of fate she remembered an ad she saw for Edison Nation on the back of a receipt and decided to submit a simple sketch. Eggies was selected for commercialization and rolled out for a nationwide retail launch. A few years and a few million units sold later, Eggies is still a story we love sharing and an exemplary ASOTV product. Edison Nation ASOTV is the only As Seen on TV marketer that places an emphasis on product development and has the resources to take on a product in its infancy. As such, we pride ourselves on the ability to introduce truly innovative products to market, like Eggies. Eggies is the picture perfect, unique and innovative ASOTV product, and fits all criteria we look for when we review submissions for ASOTV testing: good demonstrability, mass marketability, simplicity, low cost, and small size.



Perfect Tortilla ASOTVPerfect Tortilla

Position: Perfect Tortilla lets you have crispy, delicious tortilla bowls right at home.

If there?s one thing I?ve learned introducing ASOTV products to market, it?s that some products may surprise you. Personally, I do not make taco bowls, or Mexican food nearly enough to warrant purchasing a tool to improve the process. But, considering this little gadget sold over 2 million units, I think it earns a spot on our list. As is the case with many ASOTV best sellers, the idea for Perfect Tortilla was born out of a consumer trend. When taco bowls started trending in summer 2012, Allstar Marketing was there to answer the call.



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