Tips for a Great As Seen on TV Product Idea

ASOTV LogoMost As Seen on TV (ASOTV) marketers will tell you that there are no definitive rules when it comes to what makes an ASOTV product successful. There are many factors that go into the marketability of ASOTV products so it is important to understand that there is not necessarily a set of criteria that can accurately predict success. However, there are some characteristics that Edison Nation ASOTV looks for, based on years of trial and error, when reviewing product ideas for commercialization.

Here are a few things to consider when submitting to our As Seen on TV?searches:

Demonstrability. Is this a product that someone could be shown how it works? The ?WOW? factor of a product?s demonstration is the driving force behind its marketability in the ASOTV industry. Next time you find yourself in front of the television, take note as to what motivates you when you?re watching TV advertisements and infomercials. Chances are, there is some sort of product demonstration or enthralling visual driving the spot.

Mass marketability. What percentage of people can potentially use this? The products that do best on ASOTV typically have a degree of mass marketability and don?t exclude people by the nature of the product. For example, a storage solution for a speedboat only appeals to people that own speedboats, a very small fraction of the overall population. Products that only appeal to niche markets, are not always suitable for ASOTV. Rather, think about categories that have the potential to appeal to a larger demographic.

Simplicity. How functionally complex is your proposed As Seen on TV?idea? Most successful ASOTV products can be described as ?simple solutions for everyday problems.? A consumer needs to be able to grasp the concept of a product and how it works in a commercial spot that?s usually 2 minutes or less. Simplicity is key. In addition, some of the most successful ASOTV products perform one action and solve one problem and can be easily understood by people of all ages and education levels.

Cost. Can this product be manufactured inexpensively? Cost ties in with simplicity. Because most short-form ASOTV products are offered for $20.00 or less, the cost of goods needs to be relatively inexpensive. Raw materials and the functionality of the product idea need to be taken under consideration in order for the product to be marketable on ASOTV. When considering a product idea for ASOTV, take note of what materials are required. Does it need batteries? Wiring? Electricity? These are questions you should ask yourself when evaluating a potential ASOTV submission.

Size. How much retail space will this product potentially take up? As Seen on TV?retail real estate is competitive and smaller items usually fair best in terms of retail longevity and display prominence. Many different retail configurations are possible (such as end caps, and other displays) when products take up less space and it?s less likely that they will be pulled from a store?s product offering due to space availability. Comparatively, items with a larger retail footprint run the risk of having a shorter retail lifespan and can even be denied from some retailers due to space limitations.

Ultimately, there are by no means a specific set of criteria that can accurately predict the success of an ASOTV product. Edison Nation encourages members to submit their ideas, at any point of the development stage, whether or not they meet all or none of these characteristics.


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3 Comments Tips for a Great As Seen on TV Product Idea

  1. Avtar S. Herr

    I have a major product in the works that will change oral care as we know it today. The way we brush our teeth and pets will forever change with our product. Our Brush Effects product brushes teeth manually 60 to 70% faster and teeth will never be cleaner. Amazing product in a 11billion dollar market. How do I submit this to your firm. and get it on an infomercial if things work out. Thank you Avtar S. Herr

  2. Joni Hamilton

    I apologize for posting this question here but I don’t know of any other way to find out how to take my unsuccessful products off your company’s website to try them with other companies. I have another idea but can’t see the advantage of paying more money with the same results that I have been getting here. If I put my ideas on sites Women’s World Magazine recommends and they don’t work then I will know for sure they just aren’t right for the public. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  3. Andrea

    Hi Joni,
    You can remove any ideas you have in our system by clicking the “your ideas” button at the top of your dashboard when signed into your account. When on this page, you will see the option to individually remove ideas. I hope this helps and we’re very sorry to see you go. Do keep in mind that if an idea is unsuccessful in a search, it doesn’t always mean it’s not a good idea, it just may not be a fit for that particular search partner or search criteria.

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