Edison Nation’s Louis Foreman Visits Fox & Friends

For all the early-birds, you may have seen a familiar face while taking in your morning news. Our CEO Louis Foreman made his second appearance on Fox & Friends this morning showcasing some of our inventor’s products!

During the segment, Louis discussed and demoed some of Edison Nation member’s most popular products, including Gyro Bowl, Eggies, and of course Perfect Bacon Bowl.

Watch the clip here.

Louis on set2

Louis and hosts

Louis on set



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7 Comments Edison Nation’s Louis Foreman Visits Fox & Friends

  1. Betsy

    Great job Louis! You sure looked wide awake for so early in the morning! Loved the segment!

  2. Melanie Carey

    I’m glad I got to see the clip! Louis looks great. I don’t know where he finds all the energy!

  3. Michelle St.Mary

    I saw Lewis that morning on Fox & Friends and he inspired me to submit my invention this week. Thank you

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