Why We Love Toni Rey


Edison Nation is more than a company that helps everyday people bring their product ideas to life, we’ve a community of like-minded individuals, a family. This week, the Edison Nation team learned the extremely sad news that we lost a long-time and beloved member of our community, Toni Rey. Toni was never shy about sharing her love for EN, so we wanted to take a moment to share with you all a few reasons why we love Toni:

“Toni had such a great personality, was an absolute pleasure to meet in person and really had a great spirit! I know that she was very well-liked within the community. Well respected woman.” – Scott Dromms, Intellectual Property Manager

“Toni’s warm disposition put other people at ease. After only a couple minutes in an “anxious” casting call waiting room, she had broken the ice and had strangers talking to each other. Such a sweet soul gone way too soon.” – Anna Curry, ASOTV Director

“Toni had a warm, bright and inviting smile. ?After the Everyday Edisons Season 4 casting call event, my son, who was almost 3 at the time, was handing out Hershey’s kisses from his Gyro Bowl to attendees having dinner in the tent. Toni turned 180 degrees in her chair to thank my son for her “kiss” and gave him that warm, bright smile. I will always remember that.” – Rich Holmes, General Counsel

?I’ll always remember Toni?s bright smile and even brighter personality. She had the power to instantly light up a room. She will be missed dearly. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends, of which I?m certain there are many.???– Matt Spangard, Partner/CTO

The entire Edison Nation team sends our love and thoughts to Toni’s family and friends. Her kind spirit will be sorely missed.

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  1. Betsy Kaufman

    I feel such sadness. Toni walked into my life 4 years ago and became an instant heart friend. We shared our lives and our dreams with each other, as well as wacky invention ideas. She was an exceptional woman. She had an extremely important job at a major hospital. She was a mother, even a grandmother. She was the one her family turned to.

    When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, her family and friends surrounded her—becoming ‘Team Toni’. And even as her condition got worse, she continued to share her strength with others. She created a website, sharing tips and even beauty secrets for others going thru chemo.

    Toni Rey was warm, funny, creative, fierce and fabulous. Oh man, was she FABULOUS!

    I loved you Toni Rey. You will always be in my heart. You were an angel here on earth, so now spread your wings in heaven.

    I’m a better person because I had you in my life. God bless you and your loved ones.

  2. Greg Bruce

    Toni had recently planned to come relax a few days with Cathy and I, and Betsy was going to stop in too. We were all disappointed when her doctor recommended that she stay in Houston for another chemo treatment instead. We all thought there would be time to reschedule her visit.
    I loved her because she was honest, and that virtue usually was delivered with a great sense of humor. For instance, her comment on the photo above was “…yeah, but if I wasn’t smiling you couldn’t see me at all.”
    Be at peace young lady and we will see you again.

  3. Frank White

    Oh my gosh…. I am so sad to learn of Toni’s departure!
    Never got to meet her, but seeing her smiling between the
    likes of Betsy & Greg told me she was a Pearl of Great Price!

    “Around the bend,
    one shiny morning,
    we’ll meet the friends,
    we thought were gone.”

  4. Kathleen

    I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing Toni, but from the comments I’ve read, I can feel the love she had for people.

    Sending my prayers to her family and everyone who had their life touched by her.


  5. Patricia Herzog - Mesrobian

    I am so sad to hear the news .. Never having met Toni in person her outgoing and engaging personality made me feel we like we had. Always ready to support and congratulate, Toni made a point to always to make everyone feel welcomed and at home in the community. I was inspired by her energy and passion … I will miss you Toni ….

  6. Eric Huber

    Toni will be missed… I have a fond memory of her and I sitting at the airport waiting to board our flight to go home after the fun Everyday Edison Season 4 audition weekend. She was so funny and full of life. We stayed in touch for a while after that rooting each other on as they selected the show’s participants. Good bless, Toni…now you have an eternity to invent.

  7. Saletta

    Although we’ve never met, I feel like I know her as well. What a truly wonderful,amazing individual and what a profound impact she’s made on this community. But, isn’t that what life is about? To leave an indelible impression for good on those who remain? Even though her life was cut short, her legacy remains. What an angel! God bless her soul!

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