Three New Ideas Selected for ASOTV

Three inventors in the Edison Nation community have just received the news they’ve been waiting for – their invention ideas have been selected for As Seen On TV (ASOTV) testing! Please help us congratulate Greg Myracle, Richard DePaul and Myra Benefield, plus learn more about these three below!


GregMyracle2Greg Myracle: Living in Orange, VA with his family, Greg works as a sales professional, but with a previous Edison Nation licensing deal (plus one of his own under his belt), Greg has made quite a name for himself as an inventor. Greg’s most recent ASOTV idea came to him while grilling out with his family during the 4th of July holiday. Greg credits the help of fellow EN community member, John Vilardi, and the Edison Nation ASOTV team for helping his current idea reach this stage.


Richard DePaulRichard DePaul: A San Diego native who now resides in Whitestone, NY, Richard DePaul has a diverse background as a musician and golf professional, and now adds professional inventor to that list. Putting his golf industry experience to good use, Richard has come up with many golf-related ideas over the years, for which he’s created prototypes. One of those ideas caught the attention of the Edison Nation ASOTV team and it will soon be tested on air.



Myra BenefieldMyra Benefield: As a furniture and bedding sales representative, Myra Benefield’s idea was born from a need within the industry she’s a part of every day. Myra’s idea seeks to solve a common issue facing bedding consumers. Toying around with the idea on her own, Myra came across an episode of Everyday Edisons and knew that Edison Nation was just the help she needed to bring her idea to market in a big way.

Congratulations Greg, Richard, and Myra!



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  1. Dad

    Keep paper and pen near the bed in case you have any “constructive” dreams. Anyway—CONGRATULATIONS on being recognized.

  2. Edison Nation

    Hi there,

    As a web-based company, we are happy to connect with you via our website. If you have questions, you may first want to explore our FAQs found at If you still need further assistance and would like to speak with a member of our team, you can reach out to us on our support site found at If you are simply interested in submitting your idea for review, you can do so by finding the appropriate search on our website and following the steps to submit your idea. Since you mention that you are a medical person, if your idea is medical-related, you may want to explore our medical innovation site, Edison Nation Medical at I hope this helps!

  3. Jim Constance

    I have an invention that will be a huge success and help in saving law enforcement and military police lives.

  4. frank

    Congratulations to all 3 of you. !!! Hope all your dreams come true… Any words of wisdom? I have some of my own inventions all drawn up ,but my delema is money . No money to move forward. Had one of my inventions tour convention centers all over the world for two years trough invent tec but unfortunately did it at the wring time ,when everything started to go south… They said their were 3 major manufactures that loved what they seen but didn’t want take a chance at the time. And their went my nest egg.

  5. wilbert pritchett

    congratulations guys, this is truly a blessing one of which I hope to follow in the not so distant future. may your every dream come true and please don’t forget to pay it forward.

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