Meet the EN Team: Patrick Bailey

Patrick Bailey

Every day at Edison Nation is seen as an adventure to some, but for Patrick Bailey, this extends to his life outside of work, as well. This month, take a moment to get to know Patrick!

Q1. What is your position and what does it entail?

    A. Design engineer.? Most of my time is spent designing products and building prototypes, but I am involved with new products from preliminary research through manufacturing.

Q2. What is your favorite product you?ve worked on at Edison Nation?

    A. The test apparatus for the slow pull dog leash from Everyday Edisons Season 4 was a fun one.?Weighing hundreds of pounds, it can automatically collect data while repeatedly (and violently) crashing the test sled.

Q3. If you could be doing anything else right this moment, what would it be?

    A. SCUBA diving, hands down.

Q4. What?s your hidden talent?

    A. I can whistle a tune while smiling.?I know it will come in handy someday….

Q5. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

    A. Superman, and my family does not let me forget it.

Q6. If you could experience someone else?s life for just one day, who would it be?

    A. Anyone currently on a kayak tour through the Galapagos. Exploring and diving those islands is at the top of my list.

Q7. Who are you often told is your doppelganger?

    A. Heyward Moore, the design engineer with the office next to mine.?Coworkers in other departments occasionally get us confused. Coincidentally, our parents now live only a few blocks from each other.

Q8. You?re only allowed to eat one food for the rest of your life. What would it be?

    A. Sushi or a rare steak, depends on the day.

Q9. What?s a goal you?re most proud of accomplishing?

    A. Probably my mile time back in high school track. It represented a lot of hard work.

Q10. What do you think is the greatest invention in your lifetime and why?

    A. Digital cameras. I take a lot of pictures, mostly nature and underwater shots.?Digital cameras make the hobby substantially easier and cheaper.

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  1. Anastasios Mariettos

    Hi Patrick!!
    It?s our great pleasure to know the E.N. team and see that they are people with many talents and enjoyable hobbies.
    The underwater world is a fascinating world and I can say that I envy you, because I live on an island by the sea and never thought to deal with this hobby.
    Of course this hobby is not for everyone.
    Your job in E.N. is the last and most difficult link in the path of a patent because the construction of the model is not always an easy task.
    The model that is visible, right and functional, much more easily attracts the interest of the manufacturer. You’ve proven that you’re doing very well.

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