Meet Perfect Bacon Bowl inventor, Thom Jensen!

Perfect Bacon Bowl

You’ve seen the infomercial, you’ve laughed at the quips on late night TV – and admit it – you’re DYING to have one of your own! The Perfect Bacon Bowl has recently taken the foodie world by storm thanks to the Edison Nation As Seen On TV submission of one Mr. Thom Jensen!

By trade, Thom is a Research Histologist living in Salt Lake City, but when it comes to food, he’s a breakfast-lover with a creative mind. In fact, that’s exactly how the Perfect Bacon Bowl came to be!

“I was cooking breakfast one Saturday morning for my family and was playing around trying to create a bacon turtle,” Thom shared. “I wove a basket out of the bacon trying to make the body and through the process I thought of the Bacon Bowl pan. I made a crude prototype and submitted my Bacon Bowl pan idea to Edison Nation.”

The Perfect Bacon Bowl TV spot began airing nationwide in December 2013 and has been the subject of bacon-lovin’ chatter ever since! Be on the lookout for this product to debut in a retail store near you next month.

Please join us in a HUGE congratulations to Thom on all the buzz surrounding the Perfect Bacon Bowl!?In case you’ve been living under a rock, check out the Perfect Bacon Bowl TV spot!


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  1. Brad

    As a fellow Inventor, I congratulate you! Who cares if bacon increases risk of heart disease. Eat the stuff in moderation and enjoy it.

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