Ninette Holbrook’s ‘Steel Bar’ Now Available for Purchase!

EN member, Ninette Holbrook, (along with dogs, cats, and pet owners everywhere!) will be exceptionally cheerful this holiday season! Ninette’s idea, Steel Bar, which was licensed from our Live Product Search with Life’s Abundance, is now available for sale!

Steel Bar is a stainless steel, odor removal tool that provides pets with a relaxing massage, while simultaneously neutralizing odors.

See Ninette’s finished product in all its glory — and check Fido off your gift list while you’re at it!

Steel Bar

Congratulations, Ninette!

Have you ever thought ?Wouldn?t it be cool if???

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  1. Walter Bennett

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  2. Edison Nation

    Hi Walter,

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  3. Steve

    “Lighted Inflatables” was rejected 2 times because it was a
    “seasonal product” What can I do to have it looked at again ? People are vacationing all over the world in warm weather and Summer is coming once again.

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