Introducing Room 5: A new benefit just for Edison Nation Insiders

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In 1884, Thomas Edison moved his laboratories from Menlo Park to West Orange, N.J. in order to maintain the utmost secrecy regarding his ideas. He dedicated an exclusive area for the development of his newest inventions, and only a select few were allowed entry. This area was known only as ?Room 5??

Beginning Thursday, December 12, Edison Nation is creating a special online space just for our Insider members. There, Insiders will be the first to learn exciting news and updates?and other goings-on behind the curtain at 520 Elliot Street. This new area will be known as ?Room 5.?

How Room 5 will work:

  • A new bulletin containing the week?s exclusive information will be posted at every Thursday at 2pm EST.
  • The information will only be available to view for 24 hours from the time it is posted.
  • What is reported in Room 5 must stay in Room 5 and should not be shared in the forums, via email, or anywhere outside of the room.
  • Remember: This is a special feature for Edison Nation Insiders ONLY.

Join all the cool kids and get your exclusive invitation to Room 5. If you?re not an Insider yet, but want into the room this Thursday, learn how to upgrade your membership.

3 Comments Introducing Room 5: A new benefit just for Edison Nation Insiders

  1. Richard Ortiz

    I am excited in being part of the Edison Nation’s Family of Inventors , as an Inventor of a new Product for 2014 I can not wait to share my story on Edison Nation if I and my Product are chosen….. Wish me Luck….

    Richard Ortiz
    Inventor of TheBackBuddyPro

  2. Marygb

    Rm 5 requires a password..I attempted to use my EN log in PW and wasn’t able to get in. Was I issue a PW for this specific Rm5 that I am not aware of or may have inadvertantly by passed?

  3. Andrea

    Hi Mary,

    There is no password required to access Room 5, other than being logged into your Edison Nation account when attempting to visit the page.

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