Luis Rodriguez Legal Ruling

A message to the Edison Nation community:

Many of our members have asked us about disparaging posts made by Luis Rodriguez?on various Web sites.

During yesterday’s Insider Video chat, for example, some disparaging and insulting remarks were made by Mr. Rodriguez. The statements were not only false, but extremely offensive and hurtful to all of us at Edison Nation who have worked so hard to earn the trust and respect of our community members.

This particular matter was submitted by Mr. Rodriguez to mediation and an arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association pursuant to the terms of the Edison Nation Innovator Agreement. Nearly 1,000 pages of documents were submitted to the 3-member arbitration panel during a day-long hearing that took place this August. In the arbitration panel’s final ruling and order, it found that not only did Edison Nation fulfill its obligations to the inventor, but that the claimant’s public statements about Edison Nation and its employees over the past year were defamatory. Further, it issued an injunction requiring Mr. Rodriguez to cease publishing these types of statements about Edison Nation.?Mr. Rodriguez has violated this injunction and judgement.

Click here to download the arbitration’s final award and order.

We apologize for the disruption during yesterday’s Insider Video chat and wanted to take this opportunity to provide our members with a more accurate picture of what has taken place in this very unfortunate situation.

We will continue to focus our energy and efforts on serving our independent inventor community with the utmost professionalism and enthusiasm to help each of you with your inventing endeavors.

UPDATE: Mr. Rodriguez filed a motion to vacate the arbitration award in favor of Edison Nation in the Mecklenburg District Court. The Mecklenburg District Court has since confirmed the arbitration panel’s award in favor of Edison Nation and entered it as a final judgment. ?The Court has also denied Mr. Rodriguez’s motion to vacation the arbitration award.

Click here to download the Court’s final judgement.