What Does It Mean to be ?First to Market”?

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Here at Edison Nation, we strive not only to help our inventors succeed in commercializing their product ideas, but also to aid you in being ?First to Market.? Being First to Market means that an innovative product is the very first of its kind to reach the marketplace, providing consumers with a truly unique item that cannot be found anywhere else. One important advantage of being First to Market is initial brand recognition in the minds of buyers. Without the distraction of a multitude of competing products, consumers often begin to associate a type of product with a particular brand. For example, Kleenex manufactures and sells tissue paper, however people often ask not for a tissue but instead as for a ?Kleenex.? The product and brand have become synonymous, which can increase market share. This means that your product may become the go-to item for many consumers, greatly increasing your product?s success.

Can My Invention be First To Market?

Absolutely! A truly new and innovative product may change an entire industry by introducing a concept that has never before been available on the market, which in turn opens the doors to a host of new products and ideas that can alter the course of that industry as a whole. Throughout history, inventors have changed the world through their ingenuity, from the building of the first Model T by Henry Ford to the creation of the light bulb by our namesake, Thomas Alva Edison. What began as a passion for inventing led to incredible breakthroughs in science and technology, paving the way for future inventors to use their creativity in an inspiring and productive way. These advances in technology make it easier than ever for inventors across the globe to connect with one another and share their mutual love of inventing. Countless inventors have made their mark while also making the world a more amazing place to live, work and play.

What Do I Need To Do?

Always protect your idea. Once a secret is out there?s no getting it back. Ideas and concepts work the same way. If you have an innovative concept or prototype and wish to market it to the public, begin by seeking the advice of an licensed Intellectual Property attorney prior to any disclosure of your invention. This will ensure that your invention is protected and less vulnerable to others who may wish to capitalize on your idea.

As a part of the Edison Nation network of inventors, your ideas are provided with a platform that allows them to be seen and considered by some of the top corporations and investors in the world. Because we value you and your hard work, Edison Nation works tirelessly to keep your ideas confidential and protected. This is all part of our goal in helping you, the inventor, have the opportunity to see your invention be the First to Market.


?So far we’ve earned over $200 million in sales for our inventors, all at no risk for them. Is your idea the next big thing?

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Even if you don’t have an invention idea right now you can still join Edison Nation for free and learn from our community why we’re the trusted source for bringing product ideas to market.

8 Comments What Does It Mean to be ?First to Market”?

  1. Milan Dubravka

    This is where I see a huge benefit of working with EN over some other popular crowd-sourcing groups (e.g. Quirky) that, when it comes to our ideas protection, are based on completely opposite approach: having masses of people learning, evaluating and potentially “stealing” our inventions.

  2. Roger

    Being First to Market makes all the difference in if you succeed or not.

    An established product already has marketing monies behind it and is tough to beat. Unless you can really give the established item a run for it’s money. Though being First to Market has to intrigue new customers to try your product, if it’s unknown.

  3. Theresa Deer

    I thought my invention was going to be the first of its kind on the market but just found out today that it didn’t pass stage 8 for as seen on TVs quarter 2 search…I’m not an insider so I don’t know why this happened but if there’s any advice you can give me it would be greatly appreciated my family is hoping and praying for me and I don’t know how to give them the bad news.

  4. Josephine

    I have an Idea for a baby bottle warmer.
    it works off an 9 v battery it warms the contents up while the mother
    walks around.

    it will set in the cup holder of the stroller.
    that is as far as I have gotten for now.

    I need your help.
    Jo Pavlik.

  5. mike meyers

    I have an ingenious idea for a surrival bracelet that no one has thought of yet and probably won’t either.It’s a brilliant idea and will definitely save lives in the future to come! I also have prototypes of four other ideas that are sure winners. I need your help in getting these prototypes mass-produced.Eventually I will figure it all out for myself, but would really like to have you in my corner! Please please please get back to me a.s.a.p.

  6. richard Ortiz

    Thank You Edison Nation, Bed Bath and Beyond for considering my idea for review and for being at stage 5 as a 2014 new product. Millions of users will benefit from this product with a healthier/Cleaner Back . read my story……….

    Richard Ortiz
    Inventor of ”TheBackBuddyPro” 2014

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