The Story Behind the Gyro Bowl

If you’ve been around this community long enough, you’re likely very familiar with EN inventors Brad and Melinda Shepard, and their top-selling product, the Gyro Bowl – but do you know the entire story?

Brad and Melinda

Brad and Melinda were recently featured in the Huffington Post, where they shared their journey of inventing the Gyro Bowl, from messy crackers to millions of sales. Read the full Huffington Post article.


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6 Comments The Story Behind the Gyro Bowl

  1. Kara

    What a truly inspiring story, Congratulations Brad and Melinda for making the long trip and finding your dream come true at the end.

  2. Yvonne Flores

    I have a great idea and did nit research a company before u went ti invents company and gave them money.. now im scared that I rushed into this company.. u can not find any success stories on them.. im reading Edison Nation and sounds great but im scared to get suckerd out of my idea.. please help anyone I have ti come up with $12,000 in 3 weeks n I don’t have a penny yet… please anyone I know my idea is great and something we need desperately adults teens and children will benefit from this and alk over the world.. thnx…hope to hear something back soon…

  3. Kanti Mistry

    To whom it may concern
    I have been inventing new product since last 15 years, I have about 9 to 10 inventions and have working prototype, some of products have expired Canadian Industrial Design Patent.

    Because of lack of knowledge of marketing and financial condition, I could not put products in market place.

    I read about this EDISON NATION in the book call ‘The Independent Inventor’s Handbook’, I have one product which I would like to submit to Edison Nation but before I do that I would like to know that I am going to apply for US Design Patent, is this patent will be licensable instrument?, will Edison Nation or licensee consider this patent?, please let me know.

    This product is a Automobile accessary item, can be use in the house too, I do have photographs and working 90% finish prototype, no tools required.

    Once I successes with this product, I will submit others.

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