Million-Point Insider Spotlight: Marvin Blaine


If you regularly frequent the blog and forum posts, then Marvin Blaine’s username is no stranger to your computer screen. Marvin, who joined Edison Nation in 2009, is our first inventor to surpass the one million Insider-point threshold! Insider Points are earned each time an Insider Member submits a new idea, and the points increase with each stage the idea passes. The fact that Marvin has obtained such a substantial amount is a true testament to his talent and dedication as an inventor! Join us in congratulating Marvin on his extraordinary accomplishment!

Marvin has owned Santa Monica Printing Company since 1987. He added graphic design, web design, and multimedia services to his printing business twenty years ago, after re-enrolling in college at the age of forty. His extended education took place at The Academy of Entertainment and Technology in Santa Monica, California.

Marvin now lives and works out of his home in Los Angeles, California. In fact, he can see The Hollywood Sign from his bedroom window! The size of Marvin’s heart is exemplified by his compassion toward animals. In a recent correspondence with Edison Nation, he wrote, ?I rescued two cats two years ago, and just started fostering a dog eight weeks ago. This dog was at the shelter and it was his last day before they were to euthanize him, when Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue came and saved him. I got a call that night from Ace of Hearts and decided to foster him until they found him a forever home. Two weeks ago, I decided I couldn?t live without him and adopted him. His name is Nelson. He?s an American Bulldog – 65 lbs. and all puppy.? This touching story should come as no surprise, given Marvin?s ever-growing collection of uplifting blog and forum posts. His cup-half-full approach to life is infectious. In fact, we are still looking for a way to brand and distribute his positivity! Learn some additional facts about Marvin below!

EN:? What is your favorite food to eat while brainstorming?

Marvin: Pizza. I could eat pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Mixed nuts as well :).

EN: What is your best Edison Nation memory to date?

Marvin: This is an easy one for me. It has to be when Edison Nation flew me in to present my idea for the ?Everyday Edisons? TV Show. I have to thank my partner, John Vilardi, for our brainstorm sessions and his amazing 3D artwork, along with John making our prototype. There are many more great memories, such as every time an idea of mine goes to an Edison Nation?s partner presentation. There?s that hope and excitement that the idea will get licensed and end up making someone?s life a little easier in the process.

EN: What is the one thing you would invent if you knew you couldn?t fail?

Marvin: An energy free car. I?ve had this idea for years.Spring driven car. As one spring propels you forward and unwinds another spring is being wound .The process repeats itself.

EN: What?s an existing invention you wish you could take credit for?

Marvin: It would have to be the Artificial Heart, because of how many lives it saves.

EN: What would you do if your one million Insider Points were actually one million? dollars?

Marvin: It?s a fun game to imagine, isn?t it? I have thought about this quite often, and the answer is always the same. I?d do exactly what I?m doing today. I love what I do. I?m a graphic artist and web designer, and I am rewarded to create. I think being passionate about what you do is the key to happiness. When you love what you do it?s not work, it?s play, and you get rewarded for it.

You can read an extended interview with Marvin in the October issue of INVENTORS DIGEST. Once again, congratulations Marvin, and keep the creativity flowing!

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  1. Lisa Lee

    You are so Awesome Marvin! I’m so Excited for You! May You soon reach a Trillion…Go Get’em! 🙂

  2. John D. Zastowsky Sr.

    I’ve been following Edison Nation for about a year, I have an invention that I want you to look at, Everybody and their brother tells me to be so careful because of the theft in your idea, well I’m sick of waiting, what would be my first step to get my invention rolling?

  3. Andrea

    Hi John! We’re so glad you found us; congrats on taking a step forward with your idea! To begin the process, you’ll want to review the current searches on our site and see if there’s one that is a good fit for your idea. You can view current searches here: Once you locate the best search for you, you simply follow the steps to submit your idea.

    If you don’t see a search that fits your idea currently, we have a general search called the “Lunch Hour Search” that reopens once every quarter. We recently closed the last Lunch Hour search, but a new one will open soon. This is a great place to submit ideas from any category for consideration. We also launch new searches all the time, so be sure to subscribe to our emails, and follow us on social media to stay in the know of new searches that launch. I hope this helps and good luck with your submission!

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