Why Are Some Live Product Searches Anonymous?

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For the majority of our Live Product Searches, you will find the search sponsor’s name prominently displayed on the search page.? Every so often you may see a search that is hosted by a company who has chosen to remain anonymous. Why does this happen, you ask? This question has come up for us a few times over the last several months as we’ve hosted recent searches with anonymous sponsors.

First, it’s important to know that it?s never the decision of the Edison Nation team to eliminate the sponsor’s name on a Live Product Search.? All of the companies we work with are very serious about finding new innovations to develop and license and one of the key factors to the success of the ideas they choose is being first to market with the idea(s). For some, because of the nature of their industry, this is so important that they must take measures to ensure that their competitors don’t know what they have on the horizon. An example of this is our current search with a top manufacturer who is seeking new BBQ accessories. In this particular situation, this is a company we?ve worked with before and by whom Edison Nation inventors have had their ideas licensed. With this anonymous example, and for all searches we host on our site, we?re confident in their genuine effort to find new ideas from within our community.

Please know that we do understand the importance and the value of having a sponsor’s name on a search, as this allows you, the inventor, to research the company, see what they do, and analyze other products they’ve developed. However, in some cases? the ?anonymous? approach is necessary out of concern for protecting what the company is developing so they are first to market and not beat to the punch on items by competitors.

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