Good Housekeeping Search Selections Announced

Good HousekeepingEarlier this year, Good Housekeeping and Edison Nation teamed up to find the?best, undiscovered new consumer products to bring to market.?Well, after receiving great product submissions from our community we’re excited to share some results!

The Good Housekeeping team has made their selections and wish to congratulate the following inventors on their invention ideas moving forward:

  • Marilyn Hilton – San Jose, CA
  • Priscilla Hawkins – Silver Springs, MD
  • Phillip Allred – Kernersville, NC
  • Frederick Robinson – Bellingham, MA
  • Elizabeth Wen-Tortora – Chapel Hill, NC
  • Peter Shaw – Southampton, NY
  • Robin Ferrante – Hartsdale, NY
  • Mai-Lis Bahr – Charlotte, NC
  • LeAura Alderson – Walkertown, NC
  • Michael Burchette – Harmony, NC
  • Gabe Gegoski – Rock Hill, SC
  • Karren Moreland – Phoenix, AZ
  • Nicholas Alcov – Arroyo Grande, CA
  • Team Talva (Don Darnell, Toni LaCava, Jane Jenkins, Chris Anderson, Sherri English)

So what’s next? The Edison Nation team will actively seek licensing and manufacturing partners on behalf of these inventors. Our goal is to turn these idea into real products available on the market. Beyond this, the Good Housekeeping team is excited to have new products that can be talked about in their magazine, blog, and within the walls of the Good Housekeeping Research Institute.

We look forward to next steps in the development journey for each of these inventors. Congrats to all!


??So far we’ve earned over $200 million in sales for our inventors.

‘t can help you get your great ideas on TV and in stores,?at no risk to you.

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4 Comments Good Housekeeping Search Selections Announced

  1. LeAura Alderson

    THANKS Tim and Yolanda! There was another stream of congrats in the forums but the stream title was obscured under another heading, and I’m not finding it just now, so perhaps most of the winners also haven’t seen this. So, THANKS for your enthusiasm. It is indeed super exciting!

  2. LeAura Alderson

    Hmm….that’s odd. On the post above, my EN profile picture does not show up, and yet it shows up in my account, and instead, my Company website (entered in the 3rd field), shows up. SO, I’m leaving that blank with this entry and we’ll see if that make a difference in the headshot.

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