New DRTV Product Ventures from Edison Nation

Innovation isn’t just our business, it’s our passion. It’s the mission of our in-house team to do exceptional work that takes your invention ideas from concepts to market-ready products. Occasionally that same work is noticed by companies who want to collaborate with us and/or members of our team.

As a result, over the past several months, we’ve been working on a few new products (and taking on some new product categories!) and we’re excited to share two of them with you today. We hope you’ll not only head over and show us some social media love, but possibly give these products a try!

When we saw the science behind Stemage, we knew this was a venture we couldn’t pass up. We’ve partnered with world-renowned surgeon and cellular biologist, Dr. David Scharp, on his remarkable formula, as well as an amazing team at kathy ireland World Wide to bring this new skincare line to market. Stemage will be launching through DRTV as an informercial product. We hope you’ll come like us on the Stemage Facebook page.


Hot Huez
Our team is always tracking the latest consumer product trends. One of the most recent fashion trends amongst teens and young adults is the application of temporary colored hair chalk. It might be the fastest way to achieve a high fashion makeover but everybody had the same complaint: “it’s too messy to put on.” We knew if we could make the application process cleaner and easier, we’d have a hit on our hands. Our industrial designers dove right into the problem and created an ingenious solution that takes hair chalking to the next level. Edison Nation produced the As Seen on TV spot which launched nationwide.

Hot Huez is now available at Rite Aid, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kmart, and Walgreens. Please support Hot Huez with a like on the Hot Huez Facebook page.




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5 Comments New DRTV Product Ventures from Edison Nation

  1. Frank White

    Are the stem cells used in this product from humans, and if so, are they adult or embryonic?

  2. Chatoyer

    This product is right on trend. I think there is an opportunity to market Hot Huez as a back to school product. I am a Marketing Student and out of 270 students (around 60% girls) at least half of the girls have multicolored hair.

    I also think there is potential to market a similar product as a beauty product for pets (dogs). Most dog paints take time to dry and the experience is difficult or messy. Look how long it took for this woman to color just her dog’s ears with a process and bad result.

    Professional groomers are using toothbrushes.

    Anyways good job EN team its a fantastic product.

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