Win a Skype Call with Daymond John

Want to get personal advice on inventing, branding and business from mogul, Daymond John? Edison Nation is giving YOU a chance to win a 30-minute Skype call with Daymond! To enter, simply complete the submission form with your name and email address and one lucky winner will be randomly selected to win. You must be an Edison Nation member to qualify, so if you haven’t already, get your free account at

Deadline: The contest will close on Friday, May 17 at 11:59pm EST, and a winner will be announced on Wednesday, May 22.

Tell your friends! We need 1,500 entrants by the close of this contest to announce a winner, so be sure to spread the word! Use hashtag #30withDJ.

P.S. Don’t forget, your chance to have your product idea brought to market by Daymond and Edison Nation ends June 3!

4 Comments Win a Skype Call with Daymond John

  1. Chris McClure

    I would love to chat with you for 30min. on Skype. I have a lot of questions and even more ideas. I’ve been working on this one idea that i cant and WONT put down because i KNOW with all my being that it is a winner! I branded it myself. Gots tons of Copyrights and REG. TradeMarks! Im ready to GO! I need your help! please pick me! I NEED this opportunity to rise and i KNOW you are the man to lead the way!! Thank you for your time! “BOOYAAH!”

    Chris McClure

  2. Ricardo Pineda

    Hi Daymond love to share an idea that fits your expertise in the untapped clothing industries in this professional area! Also I have submitted another idea with you in mind – love how you dress up very elegant

  3. Mulkie Goodgie

    Good day Mr. Daymond,

    It is a pleasure writing from the beautiful island of St. Lucia. I am a 27 year old female who have managed to design several shoe lines which if given an opportunity would be a tremendous success world wide. I will be more than honored to be the successful candidate to have a Skype call with you. There is no one from the Eastern Caribbean region who has gotten an opportunity to showcase their talent in the shoe industry, hence I believe that I would be the best candidate for such an opportunity. Thank you for your time, God bless.

  4. Vince Shoulder

    Hello Mr. John, It would be a pleasure to speak with you via Skype. I am an avid viewer of the “Shark Tank” I have learned a lot from watching the show. I would like to say you have excellent business sense coupled with a great personality. I would love to hear the advice that you can give concerning a potential inventor/entrepreneur. I commend you on your success and willingness to help others along the way. May God continue to bless you.

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