New Insider Feedback Process

By Scott Dromms

The Edison Nation team is always focused on making the EN experience the best it can be for our members? and we are always looking for ways to enhance and improve the process. Often, we reach out to members and ask for input and feedback to the features they would like to see. We have listened, we have heard, and we are excited to announce the pilot roll-out of a new enhanced feedback system.

As we move forward, ALL Insiders? submissions will receive feedback, NOT only when it has gone to a presentation, but also at any stage in which it may stop being considered for that Live Product Search.

Our core focus is to advance and commercialize the items with the best opportunity to make it to market with manufacturers and retailers on behalf of our inventors. We also want to ensure that we continue our efforts to engage the community and work to educate and provide opportunities for you to grow your idea, redesign or rethink your idea, or even maybe to shelve your idea. Edison Nation is about you – our members – and your ideas after all!

The new Insider feedback program will focus on highlighting the key area of reason(s) that an idea received a Red X.? These feedback comments will not always be personalized. We have created a feedback program that really helps to guide an inventor as to the key concern/reason for the submission not moving forward, such as: competitive landscape is crowded, or I.P. issues either with infringement or a concern over the ability to protect the item based upon prior art and non-obvious, or in the ASOTV world we may highlight that it does not fit the financial price structure for Direct Response (DR), or that it does not have the WOW factor (doesn?t tell the story in a two minute demo).

As we mentioned this is a pilot program. Our goal is to guide inventors to the next steps for an idea. Is it better suited for another sponsor? Does it have an area of concern that requires you to go back to the drawing board? We want this to be positive. We don?t intend for it to open up lines of communication where an inventor can debate the validity of a comment as to why their idea did not move forward. Since we?ve opened feedback at R8, it has been well received and we often see some inventions/submissions come back much stronger and progress further than ever before. On a very rare occasion it has lead to a significant amount of resources being spent on a back and forth that simply causes our team to have to split focus, when again, our main focus is to commercialize innovations on your behalf.

We are excited about the expanded feedback program as we firmly believe it will only make our community stronger and our portfolio of products stronger for our sponsors and future sponsors. We hope you are excited, too!

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  1. Lynda Enders

    This sounds great! I have had questions about the portion of the submission where it asks about prior art searches or patent applications. In my case that answer is complicated. Would it be possible for insiders with wider experience in the patent process to add a clarifying comment…more info than a simple yes or no? It might impact the prior art question…especially the first to file standard.
    The possibility to have some direction in the process through your comments would help us remove the creative blinders so we can target the market more effectively! Thank you.

  2. Edward Correia

    Thanks for expanding the scope of Edison Nation’s Feedback program. It’s extremely helpful–particularly for nubies like me–to know why a submission did not advance, regardless of the stage.

    Here’s my question:

    Will the new policy apply only to Red X’s from today forward or will you also be providing feedback on earlier projects? If the latter, how far back will you go? (I got an X5 on Apr. 8).

    Thanks Edison Nation!

    Eddie Correia

  3. Kimberly Dimaiwat

    Thanks Andrea. I asked the same question earlier but can not find my comment anywhere now. Bummer.

  4. Bradley Sippl

    Will there be any feedback provided to insiders that are with the Insider Licensing Program? It would be nice to know if my invention is getting any traction after 8 months.

  5. Bob Heitkamp

    This sounds great and will give us all as inventors a heads up on where to concentrate our efforts on the process for this submission and any future product submissions.
    Thanks for the changes team.

  6. Mary

    Hi Bradley – First, thank you for being an Insider and for taking part in our Insider Licensing Program. I hope you’ve watched the new video we put together to explain the process of our Licensing team. When you submit your patented or patent-pending idea, here’s what happens:

    Preliminary Review. Our team will first perform a preliminary review to ensure your invention meets the program criteria. Factors that might keep your idea from moving forward include: your invention is too cost-prohibitive, has engineering challenges and/or major players in the marketplace have already launched products similar to yours. If none of these apply, your idea will be approved and move on to the preparation phase.

    Preparation. At this time, we perform a ?best partner? review. We take inventory of our retail and manufacturing contacts and begin to map out just who should learn more about your idea. We conduct a gap analysis and visit the store shelves to understand the market and to get an understanding as to where your idea fits. We develop the materials necessary to position your invention in the best possible light.

    Pitching. Your idea moves into ?finalist? mode and our team begins proactively pitching your idea. Our team is on the phone, on email and using our proprietary presentation system to get the attention of the industry?s best. When a company expresses interest, we move into term sheets and negotiations. If a company expresses disinterest, we take note of this, too. We stay in constant contact with the licensee until we negotiate the best possible deal for you.

    Outcome. In the end, the market decides what products will be successful. There are no guarantees. When the deal is signed, we?ll share the good news with you. If for some reason we are not successful finding the best licensing partner for you, we?ll let you know why and provide you this straightforward feedback as soon as possible.

    I hope this helps! Happy inventing.

  7. Erik

    If an idea is rejected due to “I.P. issues either with infringement or a concern over the ability to protect the item based upon prior art and non-obvious”, will the feedback include a reference to the current patent or prior art causing the concern? This would be very helpful in reformulating the idea to overcome the concerns.

  8. LeAura

    YAY!!! THANK YOU FOR LISTENING AND ADDING THIS!!! This is an improvement that should–in the end–save us ALL much time and money while helping members to become better at what we do so that there’s less clogging of the system with ideas that aren’t yet ready to fly.



  9. Anne Salajekeh

    This new, inventive way to work with “idea” people sounds very positive and encouraging. I have submitted many ideas in the past couple months, which I “know” are good and then I have become sooooo discouraged with the big red “X” to the point of wanting to give up. How perfectly wonderful it will be to at least have some kind of reasonable insight as to just why an idea was not selected!!! Maybe there is still HOPE!Thanks for considering this important component within the process. Personally, I have used most of my own ideas for years and have been shocked that they have seemed to have been rejected, when maybe, in fact, there are simply other issues as to why they were booted at the time. We all need that time to CHAT and gain more insight and try to move on and continue to be inspired and motivated versus feeling like we just need to throw in the towel.There just may well be some wonderful ideas too quickly laid to rest that could in fact be tremendous, revolutionary changes that make for pronounced improvements in everyones daily lives.

  10. Bob Thomas

    Team – Great improvements to the site. This will be extremely beneficial to inventors and their process.

    One quick question. When an idea is simply submitted for the “Insider Licensing Program” without a specific search and it doesn’t go through the 8 step work flow process, how will the new feedback points affect ideas submitted this way (i.e. without a specific search)? Will updates on positioning or discussions with potential partners be disclosed?

    Thanks again for the new changes!

  11. Craig

    Hi, I just had an idea that made it all the way to step number 6 in the a search. With this new insider feedback at every step, will I be able to receive details on why it just received the red X today at number the number 7 finalist stage? I would like to know details on if there are ways that I could move forward with this product since it made it so far 🙂

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