The Industrial Design Team’s New Favorite Tool

By Carlos Perez

As an industrial designer here at Edison Nation, Everyday Edisons, and sister company Enventys, we’re always working with any number of projects at one time for our inventor community, so it’s always great to have something that makes my job easier. Two of my favorite new tools we just got in the office are the Wacom Cintiq 24HD and 22HD.

Here’s a breakdown of the features I love the most:

1 – Workflow: While the initial sketch can take more time, the fact that the image is already in digital form and able to be manipulated is a major timesaver. Immediate color/texture/shading is another major positive in our workflow since this can now be done without the hassle of scanning and post-processing images.

2 – Accuracy: The pressure sensitivity of the pen/tablet gives our quick sketches more character and illustrations more detail.

3 – Interface: Having the sliders on the side make changing brush sizes and zooming in/out much more fluid, leading to a less distracting work environment. The programmable buttons are already second nature. Going from the brush, to the gradient, to marquee tool, and back to the brush is much more efficient and doesn’t require the use of a keyboard.

4 – Swivel base: Having the Cintiq rotate on its base is a major selling point for me. This makes the motions and interaction much more natural and paper-like.

5 – Customized Calibration: Being able to control the sensitivity curve of the pen was a pleasant surprise. With this, I can calibrate to make small nuance strokes at normal pen pressure. This technique takes some time to develop with a pencil or pen and varies every time a new pen/pencil is used.

6 – Quality: The quality of an end product is always determined by the tools being used. Over-the-top glamour images that are standard in Industrial Design are now produced more efficiently, and to a higher caliber. The Cintiqs are also a major selling point to prospective clients. Letting clients know that their inventions will be developed with top-tier resources gives them a sense of trust and confidence in our abilities as designers.

Huge thanks to Wacom for their support of Everyday Edisons Season 5!

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