Tami Harris: My HSN Debut – Part 2 of 2

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Upon arrival at HSN HQ, I was immediately greeted by Christia, my HSN Guest Relations Coordinator.? She took me to my very own ?green room? which had a big makeup mirror and two TVs, one of which was tuned to the current on-air HSN broadcast, and the other was a monitor which showed details about the product they were demonstrating. It was now 6:30 pm Florida time and I wasn?t scheduled to go on until the end of the 9:00 hour, so there was a lot of down time. As I sat and waited I watched the monitor with all of the product details on it and I remember thinking that some day soon sales of the Frostingo would be on that monitor!

A short time later, Christia returned to give me a tour and introduce me to Nora Dunn, the actress in The Guilt Trip who selected my Frostingo, and two on-air personalities: Callie Northagen and Lesley Ann Machadod. Lesley would host my segment.

Christia on the left

Next, it was time for hair and makeup. As I watched my transformation take place in the mirror, I swear it looked like I had a facelift! Everyone including all of the on-air personalities seemed to know about my big adventure because before each one left the makeup room, they would stop by my chair to congratulate me. When my hair and makeup was done, I went back to my green room to wait and began practicing what I was going to say on air. Suddenly and unexpectedly Christia came back into the room and much to my surprise she said, ?Ms. Dunn wants to know if you would like to join her in her green room because she doesn?t want you to be alone before your big moment.?? It was such a sweet gesture and of course I said yes!

So, I spent the next forty minutes with Nora Dunn on the couch in her green room. We talked about a lot of things and what made this the most wonderful moment of the entire experience was that it gave me the opportunity to personally thank her for selecting my invention. I knew it could have easily been any one of the other finalists and I was so grateful to her. She said she took her job in making the selection very seriously and it was NOT an easy decision. She also said she knew that her decision would not only change someone?s life, but by selecting one, she was disappointing all of the others. I have thought back on that conversation many times in the days since my trip and what a nice and thoughtful person she was. I asked her to autograph my itinerary and my Guilt Trip Movie stub, both of which she did happily.

When it was finally time to go on air, what was going through my mind was: Represent, Represent, Represent! Be gracious. Don?t forget to tug on your ear. Don?t forget to thank Paramount Pictures, HSN and especially Edison Nation! Give a shout-out to my fellow EN Inventors! Don?t forget to look at the camera. Be sure to thank Nora Dunn, and most of all, don?t forget that you are very, very lucky to be here! If you missed it, you can watch the clip of my big moment here:

Before I knew it, it was all over. Ms. Dunn gave me a big hug and wished me luck, everyone else said their goodbyes, and someone even said they just knew that Frostingo would be a huge success, to which the rest agreed. I was very touched by everyone I met at HSN because every single person I encountered genuinely seemed to care that I had the best possible experience and went out of their way to make it special for me. They all went along their way and then it was just me and Christia again.

She took me back to the prop room to collect my Frostingo, helped me pack up, and gave me her card and a DVD they made of my big moment. She then walked me out to the car so I could go back to my hotel. By the time I got back to my room and made all of my phone calls to family and friends, I only had 3 hours until I had to get up to catch a very early Christmas Eve flight back home.

What this experience has taught me and what I hope it will teach my fellow EN members is to NEVER GIVE UP! I know that so many of you have had your own struggles and heartbreaks and that sometimes it?s hard to continue with your dream when you?ve had so many disappointments. I too have had a few doubts that it would ever happen for me. Even after joining EN, I entered search after search and would get the dreaded Red X, not because my idea wasn?t a good one, I knew that it was. I was Red X?d because my product WASN?T THE RIGHT PRODUCT FOR THAT PARTICULAR SEARCH! I?m not gonna lie, I?ve cried – more than once when I received a Red X – it hurts! But as I?ve told many of my EN friends, keep submitting your idea in every search for which it fits the criteria. If you?ve got a great idea and you believe in it, keep trying!? If I had given up after my first, second, or third (or fourth, or fifth) Red X, I wouldn?t have a licensing deal with HSN right now.

So of course the moral of the story is to keep dreaming your dream and entering those Live Product Searches because, like me, you?re in the best possible place any independent inventor could be in – you?re in Edison Nation!

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  1. d

    That was great! I’m so glad to see the video as I had not seen it! You were great! So Inspirational! Good Luck Tami!

  2. Betsy Kaufman

    I loved Part 1 and Part 2!!!! Can ya write Part 3 and 4? I love reading about your adventure! Excellent!

  3. Gabe G

    Congratulations Tami, perseverance does pay off. Your empathy for the other finalists and the nonfinalists is a testament to the caliber of people here at EN. Thank you.

  4. Henry Quattromini

    Congratulations Tami !!!! It’s nice to see someone that is so dedicated and caring and always thinking of others, you’re fantastic and deserve to make millions good luck $$$$$$

  5. LeAura Alderson

    AWESOME SUCCESS STORY, Tami! It was almost like being there, and as others have said, your caring and compassion for EN and EN inventors is inspiring. So, good job, well deserved, and THANKS for your reminder about never giving up…even with the red x’s!!! 🙂 Submit and resubmit…as long as it takes!!! 🙂

  6. Theresia Riggs

    Congradulations! Tami! I will certainly use your invention/ product. I suffer from arthritis, and your invention will come in real handy when decorating a cake. I too will keep on dreaming my dream with my product/invention idea. Hopefully, Edison Nation will make it come true for me. I am keeping all my fingers and toes crossed:)

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