Edison Nation and the America Invents Act

How the Patent Reform Affects You

With the recent changes coming Saturday, March 16, 2013, under the America Invents Act (AIA), we have modified our innovator agreements to protect the?potential patentability of your innovations and to ensure our interests remain?aligned.

With this new law, it is very important that you do not submit or disclose?anything related to your invention without a confidentiality agreement in place?first.

Rest assured that your ideas are confidential and safe with Edison Nation.

Now, more than ever, partnering with Edison Nation helps level the playing?field between independent inventors and the vast resources of large companies.

For more information about the America Invents Act, be sure to visit uspto.gov.

Thank you for being part of the Edison Nation community.

Edison Nation Team

12 Comments Edison Nation and the America Invents Act

  1. Frankie Rene

    Hi! I would like a little clarity on the America Invents Act affecting Edison Nation’s Insiders. Are you saying that we “Insiders” should not submit any inventions to Edison Nation without a confidentiality agreement? If so, is there one the ED has for Insiders to fill out, read and/or sign? Can you make this just a bit more clear, please?

    Ready to submit!! 🙂

  2. Andrea Simon

    Frankie & Malcolm – You should not show your idea to ANYONE without a confidentiality agreement and this notice is to inform you that, while your idea submissions have always remained confidential with Edison Nation, the Edison Nation innovator agreements have now been updated to include confidentiality.

  3. Bob

    Thanks for the clarification on the CA section in the new agreement. Just finished up another submission.

  4. Peter

    Andrea, You mentioned that “Edison Nation innovator agreements have now been updated to include confidentiality.” Does that mean that I can consider the new innovator agreements having the same effect as the document generally called Non-Disclosure Agreement(NDA)? And that the one year (to file a patent) clock does not start running after I submit the invention to EN? Thanks.

  5. Andrea Simon

    Peter – Yes, the revised Edison Nation Innovator Agreement now includes a confidentiality provision aimed at ensuring your submission is not disclosed to outside parties without Edison Nation first having a non-disclosure agreement in place with these third parties. With respect to what constitutes public disclosure of your idea and thus triggers the one year window to file a patent for your invention, Edison Nation always recommends that you consult with a private attorney to answer any questions you have about this issue.



  7. Sean Pryor

    I don’t quite understand the process as a whole. I want to submit an invention, but I’m hesitant to do so for a number of reason that I hope you’ll be able to answer.

    1.) Why should I provide my knowledge without sighing anything to protect my invention?

    2.)If I have multiple inventions for the same product do I have to submit each individual idea for the 50/50 split, or as a full invention?

    3.) As for confidentiality why do I need a lawyer, if you regard our ideas as protected under an ambiguous law?

    “I think you should cover these and other important basic questions, before a client begins any forms, put the client as ease”

    Thank You,
    Sean M. Pryor

  8. Andrea Simon

    Hi Sean-
    To answer your questions:

    1.) By signing our innovator agreement (which can be read in its entirety here: http://www.edisonnation.com/documents/innovator-agreement), you are signing something to protect your idea. While we do not sign non-disclosure agreements with individual inventors because this would prevent us from presenting your idea to potential licensees, Edison Nation does obtain non-disclosure agreements with every company to which we present your idea.

    2.) Yes. Every separate invention must be submitted separately (unless the the inventions somehow work together to make one whole invention).

    3.) While we make our innovator agreements public on our site, we recommend that you consult a lawyer in the event that you have questions and to ensure you fully understand it, as we are not at liberty to give legal advice.

    Hope this helps bring a bit more clarity. If you have more questions or are seeking more peace of mind, our member forums are a great place to get your questions answered quickly, and to talk with other members about their experiences working with us: http://www.edisonnation.com/topics

  9. Andrea Simon

    Hi Louise- Edison Nation still does not require a patent on ideas that are submitted to our searches. However, to determine if it is best for you, personally, to obtain a patent before submitting, we recommend seeking the counsel of a trusted legal advisor, as we are not able to offer legal advice.

  10. Leesa Burt

    Thanks so much Andrea for the explination of the non-disclosure agreements and the confidentiality agreement. This cleared up a lot of confusion about the two.


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