Betsy Kaufman Talks Eggies and Edison Nation on The Jeff Probst Show

Did you miss Betsy Kaufman on Wednesday’s episode of The Jeff Probst Show? See the Eggies? inventor discuss working with Edison Nation to launch her big idea in the clip below:

From the “Moms with Million Dollar Ideas” segment

Read even more about Betsy’s Eggies story from submitting the idea to seeing it on store shelves.

14 Comments Betsy Kaufman Talks Eggies and Edison Nation on The Jeff Probst Show

  1. Jennifer

    I saw Betsy Kaufmans ingenious hard boild egg idea by whim…I stopped amidst my everyday routine to watch her story on the Jeff Probst show for a few minutes. Not only did I fall inlove with her, but this idea! Every Holiday and every time I made hard boiled eggs, I always dredded the process…But mostly trying to peel the shells and still keep a pretty egg to display for the holiday visitors. This idea is not only genious, but versitle….Who wouldnt love to hard boil their eggs and be able to add personalized ingredients at the same time?
    A million thumbs up!

  2. vickey supina

    The show has made me so excited. Today I get paid at noon, after that watch out I have the best idea i have been saving for so long. So my 25.00 is coming and the world will never be the same. Vickey

  3. Deborah G

    Congratulations! I am So inspired by Betsey that I paid my $25 and sent my idea in too.

  4. Angela Mazzone

    Hi Betsy,
    Congratulations. Love your Eggies. I have just one problem. The eggs do not come out oval. Please tell me what I may be doing wrong. Thanks.

  5. Pat

    I watched it too. Indeed a great idea. I am impressed with how people are so creative & tenaciius and able to see it through to the end.

  6. Michele Kunz

    Hi Betsy, first I’d like to say congratulations on a great invention! Then I’d like to thank you for appearing on the Jeff Probst show and sharing your story. I had my idea for some time and didn’t have the means or know how to move forward with it. It is because of you that I was able to get my idea out there; hopefully my invention will find the same success as yours did. Thanks again for telling your story and giving inventors such as myself a chance. Best of luck and continued success…

  7. Terri Foree

    You inspired me to contact Edison Nation to get something in production so I can use it and share with every mom out there.
    Thank you!!

  8. Michele Kunz

    Hi Betsy, Thanks for all your great advice, and by the way I just purchased Eggies and I love it! My Avatar is actually my book cover, I am a writer moonlighting as an inventor… My name is Michele, and yes I am a woman. However my books are still in limbo as I continue my search for a Traditional Publisher. I am holding out for that dream, and am trying to stay away from self publishing, at least for now. If you have a chance check out my blog Thanks again and much continued success, Michele
    The site will not allow me to respond directly to your comment, I hope you get this as I want to thank you for answering me…

  9. BetsyKaufman

    Thank you all so much! I had such a blast meeting Jeff Probst and being on the show! The other inventor moms were so much fun to meet. I will always remember that Hollywood moment!

    And Michele, I finally got your email! So we are now connected! Love your book!

  10. Theresia Riggs

    Hi, Betsy, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful eggies story with us. Because of you and Jeff Probst, I also submitted my idea for a product to Edison-Nation. I too am hoping for success with my product. My idea came to me in my kitchen, much like your idea came to you in your kitchen. I am so glad I watched the Jeff Probst show. For now I am keeping my fingers crossed and who knows, maybe my idea will also be a million dollar idea worthy of a TV appearance 🙂

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