Submit an ASOTV Idea, Win a Trip to Edison Nation HQ!

Today we launched our first quarterly As Seen On TV search of 2013 – and you may have noticed a fun, new perk we’ve added! In addition to a chance to have your idea developed and brought to market, this quarter we’ll randomly select one person who’s submitted to the search and fly them to our headquarters in Charlotte, NC!

That’s not all! Along with an exclusive look behind the scenes at Edison Nation and our direct response production team, you’ll also get a cameo role in one of our upcoming ASOTV productions!

One submission is all it takes – whether your idea is ultimately selected, or loses steam at stage 4 – if you submit an idea to the search, you’re eligible to win the trip.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to invent an ASOTV product? Now’s your chance to find out. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work and play at Edison Nation? Now’s your chance to find that out too!

We look forward to hosting the lucky winner at our offices this year! Good luck!

17 Comments Submit an ASOTV Idea, Win a Trip to Edison Nation HQ!

  1. Melissa

    Can I submit an idea I have already submitted to another search? What happens if they accept it??

  2. Andrea Simon

    Hi Melissa – You can definitely submit an idea that has already been submitted to another search. If it is selected, then we would work with the licensor who has selected it and eliminate it from the other search. If they both select it, the licensor who sees it first has the first right to refusal, meaning they have the first opportunity to explore the idea further and decide if they will bring it to market. Hope this helps!

  3. Lloyd

    Well I have submitted an idea/invention to ASOTV and currently it is at the G4 stage. I am in high hopes that it reaches G8, however if it doesn’t, well atleast I gave it my best shot. That being said, I would love to check out the behind the scenes of Edision Nation as well as ASOTV. I would even pay for the trip myself to have the operatunity do this because of what Edison Nation and ASOTV brings to the table in regards to helping everyday people see their dreams come true. People need to dream, invent, and bring their ideas to market. It only gets better when you have a winning team with EN and ASOTV!

  4. Andrea Simon

    Hi Lloyd-
    Way to go on taking steps toward making your idea a reality, and good luck in the search!

    If you’re ever in the Charlotte area, you are always more than welcome to come see us and take a tour! We’ve had several members who were traveling nearby and contacted us so they could stop by along the way. We always love meeting you guys in person! 🙂

  5. Angel Irizarry

    Ihave submited two (2)ideas/inventions to ASOTV and I’m on G3 on both, I hope I be in consideration do that they are new inventions and not coppies, I been looking thru the internet and everyware I can and have not seen any of then, if there is is hiding fromm me, God help me on this one P/S one of then, the first one I’m using it And I’m verry happy with it because it easy my work, I’m talking about the prototype witch I know you will be doing a mutch better one, Thank you and God Bless You All.

  6. Regenia

    I submitted an idea today to you on the Lunch Hour Search. I am totally new to your website and I think I should have submitted in the ASOTV category. How can I change it? or Do I need to change it? Does it matter? Can I still be eligible for the trip to Edison Nation if my idea is submitted in the incorrect forum?

    Kind Regards,

  7. Andrea Simon

    Hi Regenia –

    Welcome to the community! Unfortunately, to be eligible to win the trip, you must submit to the ASOTV search. The good news is, if you become an Edison Nation Insider, you can opt that same idea into the ASOTV search (or any other search, anytime) for free if you would like. You can learn more about becoming an Insider here:


  8. Linda J

    Hi Andrea,

    I was just reading all the responses from future inventors. I have a invention to submit, the thing is, I don’t know how to draw that well to present it in a formal fashion. Could I just submit what I’m trying to add on to or try to find a way to show what I’m trying to accomplish. Thanks for your reply back.

  9. Andrea Simon

    Hi Linda-
    A drawing is not required, but of course the more ways you can show us your idea, the better. If you do decide to do a drawing, it does not need to be a work of art by any means! 🙂 We’ve had people submit very basic drawings (or no drawing at all) and go on to have their concept selected. The most important thing is that you provide a very detailed written description. If you can do that, the drawing may not be necessary. Hope this helps!

  10. Joseph L. Fox

    When is the last date you can submit an idea to ASOTV? I am new to EN and still learning the process of developing,inventing, and bringing my ideas to market. This would be the perfect opportunity and start of many inventions to come.

  11. Marcy

    I have so many cool ideas for inventions ,how do I get started?? This is something that I always wanted to pursue. Please tell me how! Thank you!

  12. Andrea Simon

    Hi Marcy! To learn more about how to submit your idea, please create a free Edison Nation account and refer to the following link:

    It only costs $25.00 to submit a single idea to a Live Product Search. If your idea is chosen as a finalist and ultimately selected to be commercialized, Edison Nation handles all of the patent filings and prototyping that needs to be done to develop your innovation.

    Thank you again for your interest in Edison Nation and please don’t hesitate to contact us in the future if you have additional questions or concerns. Best of luck!

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