Licensing deal with Dreambaby? for Peter Lefferson!

We’re thrilled to share another licensing deal that has just been signed in the Edison Nation community via our Insider Licensing Program.

Congratulations to Peter Lefferson on his new deal with juvenile safety product manufacturer, Dreambaby?! Read below as Peter shares more about himself and how he comes up with his great ideas:



“My professional background is electronics in all of its forms. I discovered inventing for fun after I retired. I took thirteen products to the USPTO -? some never went further than the Provisional Patent? Application, a few were refused, and three of them were granted. A few years ago, I recognized Edison Nation as an honest place to show some of these ideas, so I submitted product ideas five times. This idea was inspired by my wonderful wife Kathy.

Most inventions are the product of our environment and problems we try to solve. This idea is an obvious example of that. Inventions can also become a challenging mental exercise. At my age of 72, I walk a fast three miles a day on a treadmill every morning to keep my heart in good health. Last March, I started a mental exercise – every weekday I find some common item and develop a way to improve it. It cannot be a simple thing like painting it another color and it must be an improvement I have not seen in the catalogs or on TV. Often it will take a day of meditating to find that improvement. Then I write it into my Daily Improvement Document and most often add a CAD sketch to illustrate the improvement. To date I have finished 190.”

Please join us in congratulating Peter on this exciting success!


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17 Comments Licensing deal with Dreambaby? for Peter Lefferson!

  1. Kevn da Biskit

    Congrats Peter, It seems you have invented quite a successful “Process” for producing inventions…which promotes brain health as a biproduct! Seems like a win-win-win to me. Way to go!

  2. Rodrigo Hernandez

    Thank you Peter for inspiring me to persevere. I wish you a long and productive life!

  3. Patricia Herzog-Mesrobian

    Congratulations Peter what an accomplishment … Thank you for the great mind stimulating ideas !!!

  4. Kenneth Johnson

    Congrats Peter, I do the same thing and now sitting on over 200 ideas. Thanks for keeping me motivated and inspired to invent! Hopefully one day I’ll be in your shoes.

  5. Abi

    Great Job Peter!
    Well I have a great idea that could save lives but do not know how to design it. I trust with your experience in electronics and most importantly your phenomenal mind this can work out. My e mail address is

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