Liberty Garden Licensing Deal for Peter Lavelle

We have an exciting update from our product search with Liberty Garden. Edison Nation member, Peter Lavelle’s invention idea has been selected for a licensing deal! Read below to learn more about Peter and get his first-hand account of the experience from submission to licensing success!

A Wilbraham, MA resident all his life, Peter Lavelle spent 31 years as a field service engineer before recently switching gears to work as a sales manager. His selected idea is one he’d been thinking about?for many years as he dealt with a common issue while working in his yard. Peter shared:

“I figured there must be something on the market that addressed this, but I searched and couldn’t find anything. That’s when I started visualizing my idea… but making a prototype turned out to be a lot more difficult that I ever thought it would be. I originally tried to make one out of clay, but that was a complete failure.? It was probably about this time that I found out about Edison Nation and decided that I didn’t have any knowledge about patents, or the experience to fabricate the idea that I had in my head.?I made the decision that if this was ever going to be a viable, marketable item, I would need the help that the folks at Edison Nation could provide.”

“I initially submitted the idea into an Open Search where it reached Stage 7, but didn’t get the final nod. When Liberty Garden announced it was looking for the next gardening idea, it seems my idea was a much better fit! The entire process has been fun, sometimes frustrating, but exciting as well – to think that something I thought of could actually end up being sold at my local hardware store or online someday was kind of a pipe-dream. I know it is certainly not the next iPad, but I’m just thrilled to see that Liberty Garden agrees with me that it is something people will see and say: ‘Hey, I could use one of those.'”

Congratulations, Peter!


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10 Comments Liberty Garden Licensing Deal for Peter Lavelle

  1. Gina Y. Ellison

    Congrats to you Peter on your success. Most important congrats on your tenacity! Way to go. Never give up!!!

  2. Eric Castle

    Congrats, I know what you mean about having an idea in your mind for years, and sometimes being limited on ways to make it a reality. I hope Edison Nation can do the same for my ideas. Hope to see your idea on the shelf soon.

  3. Lisa

    yeah!!!! You did what we all could only hope would happen for us!!! Inspirational for all of the inventors out there!! Great Work!!

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