Team Lunar Men

Gary Rose

Location: Naperville, IL

Professional background: Graphic Designer

How did your team’s idea come about?
We’re a group of closet inventors that call ourselves the “Lunar Men.”? As a group, we gather a couple times a month to discuss ideas and decide which Edison Nation searches we want to tackle as a team.? This particular idea was a rough idea that I presented to the group. I have a 7-year-old daughter and the idea was based on the need to be able to transport a birthday cake (or any cake), cake supplies and presentation stand to a party in an easy and convenient way. As one of the designer illustrators in the group,? I tackled the 3D renderings for the concept.? My first pass at the idea was too complex and had some cosmetic flaws, but with team feedback and a little help from my wife, we ended up with a really great solution.

Why do you think you should be an Everyday Edison?
I think I should be an Everyday Edison because the idea that was selected is a simple solution to a common problem… and I would love for my daughter to see me on TV and understand that hard work and perseverance pays off.


Robert Pontius

Location: Wheaton, IL

Professional background: Technology, Education, Entrepreneurship, Alternative Energy

When did you begin inventing?
I’ve been inventing since at least the age of four when, lacking a spoon to eat pudding on a hike in Norway with my Dad, I famously carved a spoon out of a carrot stick. In high school I filled a notebook with invention ideas. As an adult my inventions continued to fill notebooks and fill my garage and basement with prototypes. It was only with the discovery of Edison Nation that I found a viable/low overhead outlet for my invention ideas. After meeting some Chicago-area friends who share my passion for inventing, we formed “The Lunar Men” team which has made our joint ideas submitted to Edison Nation even more viable given our complementary skill sets.

Why do you think you should be an Everyday Edison?
From family stories I know that my Father and Grandfather created many inventions during their lives for which they never received any credit or thanks. Now I can’t help inventing and I have to do things differently, never content with the ?normal? way – it’s just part of my nature. In this way I probably represent most Everyday Edisons – men and women with no real, viable outlet for their inventions before discovering Edison Nation. Now I find in Edison Nation and Everyday Edisons that I have a reliable, trustworthy invention partner that works within my budget and within the time constraints I have as a husband, breadwinner and father of a 3-yr-old son and 1-yr-old daughter. I’m an “everyday inventor” like a lot of people out there and if our team has hit upon an invention that makes us worthy of the title, I think we’d make great “Everyday Edisons”.


Marc Rumaner

Location: Aurora, IL

Professional background: Graphic Designer

When did you begin inventing? I began inventing around 1997.

Why do you think you should be an Everyday Edison?
I don’t believe I personally should be an Everyday Edison. This was a team idea by The Lunar Men so I believe the team should be considered Everyday Edisons. I feel the team should be considered because we have a unique product that is perfect for the baking market.


Gregg Huberty

Location: Bolingbrook, IL

Professional background: Solution Architect

When did you begin inventing?
My first idea was in 1989. It was a light for inside the cabinet, so when you opened up the cabinet the light would go on, and when you close the cabinet door, the light would turn off. It could be battery powered or connected to electricity.

Why do you think you should be an Everyday Edison?
I don’t know that I should be, as there are a lot of talented people in the invention and innovation community. Sometimes you just get lucky or you team with the right people. I honestly believe that the other members of the Lunar Men (Gary, Marc, and Robert) deserve to be Everyday Edisons. They are talented inventors and good friends.

See Gary’s post-audition interview (representing Team Lunar Men):

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