Corey Waterman

Location: Riverside, CA

Professional background: Aerial Mapping and Karate instructor/school owner

How did you begin inventing?
I was figuring out ways to seriously customize my 2001 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic. I didn’t want it to look like every other cookie cutter custom.? So my first invention would have been putting windows on the sides of the gas tank and then to top it off, I figured out a way to actually put led lights inside the gas tank and inside the gasoline without killing myself.? I also invented a new design for a new front end and also built it.? Since then I realized that I could probably come up with other ideas and actually build them.

How did your idea come about?
I was trying to change a fuel line on my bike and realized there should be a solution for a common issue I experienced while doing this.

Favorite quote or joke:
My favorite quote is something my mom told me about my dad before he died.? My dad liked to fall asleep watching the Super Bowl.? The last Super Bowl he watched was in 1994.? While he was watching it he called my mom into the room to come look at something.? When she went in to see what he was talking about, my dad pointed at the TV and said, “Look at that.”? When she asked what he was pointing at and he said, “Look, right there… next to the coach on the sideline…. it’s Corey.”? My dad had a glyoblastoma brain tumor and it made him think that he saw me on the TV. My mom said, “Where?” and then realized the tumor was making him imagine he saw me.? Then she told me what he said after still believing that I was standing next to a coach at the Super Bowl.? He said:? “Boy, I’ve always thought that if it can be done, leave it to Corey to find the way.”? My mom told me he always felt that way about me.? I’d like to prove that it wasn’t the tumor that made him think that.

If you could build anything without any budget or other restrictions (other than your current idea), what would it be?
I have always wanted to build and finance a huge martial arts “college,”? make it affordable for anybody, and not only give excellent teachers a place to teach, but also produce excellent teachers and give them the tools to start their own schools — or just the confidence to take on whatever they want to contribute to the world.? I believe the martial arts still teach honor and other good qualities and if the idea of “trading big bucks for mediocre teaching” could be taken out of the equation then those qualities could survive.? Another thing I would like to do (which is probably a little more within my reach), is I would like to design and build a unique partially enclosed trike of my own design.

Why do you think you should be an Everyday Edison?
I don’t know that I have any specific qualities that make me any different from anyone else trying to be an Everyday Edison.? I’m sure the others feel the same about their inventions as I feel about mine.? I love my fianc?e and my daughters and winning the honor of becoming an Everyday Edison for something I created would really look good on my “hero resume” with them.? I also think this would be a good way to prove to myself the words above that my dad told my mom before he died.

Is there anything else you would like the inventor community to know about you?
I love to perform karaoke, I love to ski, and I’m a fifth degree black belt in Shorin Ryu Karate, which I teach at my own tiny martial arts school, Universal Self Defense League. I’m also proud of the Harley I mentioned, which you can see here!

See Corey’s post-audition interview:

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  2. Sandy D

    Awesome bike Corey, and that’s coming from a person that is not a bike fan!!! But seeing this one, that’s not your everyday bike on the road, I would definatley feel a lot braver if I were one. Good Luck in your adventures.

  3. Scott D

    I’ve seen some of Corey’s custom work – always original and cutting edge. His bikes ALWAYS grab your attention!

  4. Christina

    I love you Dad! I am so proud of you. I never knew that story about Grandpa, but it touched me. I know that if he could see you today, he would be proud of you too. Congratulations on contintuing the Waterman legacy of inventions!

  5. Jessica Waterman (proud daughter)

    You’re already my hero, father! And my inspiration to relentlessly pursue my passions 🙂

  6. Tammy

    Way to go Uncle Corey! I am more and more amazed at what the Waterman men have in their heads everyday! Good Luck!

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