Everyday Edisons Inventor Spotlight: Brian Smith

Everyday Edisons
Location: Orlando, FL

Professional background: Real Estate Broker

When did you begin inventing?
When I was a child, I always used to play with my Erector Set. At the age of five, I really couldn?t read, but I could build the most amazing things with my Erector Set. I knew what a nut and a bolt was and how to use a screwdriver, I even built an Erector magnetic crane. Piece by piece I constructed its massive steel frame and assembled its enormous flywheel, pistons and governor. I was and inventor.

How did your idea come about?
Every day on my way home from work there?s this gigantic billboard advertising a major pest control company’s services. On the billboard there?s a house-sized toothbrush with a gigantic cockroach sitting on the bristles and I must admit it got me thinking of my own toothbrush — and then it happened! One night around 3:00am I walked into my bathroom, switched on the lights and there staring back at me was a huge Florida cockroach, and within a millisecond he was gone and the hunt was on. An hour later the roach was dead and the next day I purchased a brand new shiny toothbrush. But how could I prevent this from happening again? So that?s when I came up with my idea!

Favorite quote or joke:
“Whatever can go right, probably will.”

If you could build anything without any budget or other restrictions (other than your current idea), what would it be?
I have a renewable energy idea I?ve been working on for the past year that, once developed, could power a small neighborhood.

Why do you think you should be an Everyday Edison?
I believe I can be a successful Everyday Edison because I am highly entrepreneurial, extremely creative and I?m smart enough to know that the success of my product will depend upon its ability to reach an enormous market share. If I am selected as an Everyday Edison, I feel it will allow me to not only continue inventing but also increase revenue streams.

Is there anything else you would like the inventor community to know about you?
I am a creative thinker; I always try to find a different way of doing work. I like to be different from others.

See Brian’s post-audition interview:



?Have you ever thought, “wouldn’t it be cool if?”?

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  2. cynthia rogers

    I always thought you’d shine..So proud of you and so happy that you can share it all with your sweet, and beautiful wife! God has truly blessed you and you deserve it! Kudos to you buddy! Cyndi

  3. Mark Smith

    Over the years we have bounced around ideas of all types. It’s great this platform is here to bring these thoughts into reality. The possibilities are unlimited for Brian. Great work brother!

  4. Jessica Keysor

    Brian you’re truly an inspiration. Wow, I’m so happy for you. May God continue blessing you and hope all your dreams come true. Congratulations!



  6. jack ellington

    Would love to ask you a few questions . Cell or e mail..cell 321-3038401 H 407-9929893

    Jack Ellington

  7. Barbara Peterson

    I’ve watched all of season 4 and can’t wait to see him on season 5. He has a HUGE following here in Florida… I need a leash… When can I buy one???


    PS. Good luck.

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