Kartik & Judah Move Forward in the Innovation Fund Process!

Today, we’re excited to share another new selection from our Innovation Fund search! Congrats to EN members and inventing duo, Kartik and Judah! Their idea submitted to our Innovation Fund (“open consumer” search) has been selected to move forward!

Learn more about these two inventors and how their idea came about below!

Born in India and raised in Culver City, Ca, Kartik relocated to New York City, where he met his friend (and invention partner) Judah, a native New Yorker. Both business development professionals, Kartik and Judah became friends at work and consider their idea to be a product of their lives. Between work and families, the two found themselves always on the go, and each cherished any moment they could relax – something hard to find in New York’s hustle and bustle.

Kartik recalls the “a-ha” moment:

“After a really stressful day at the office, I came home in search of an elusive moment of escape in my tiny one bedroom apartment. Not finding much space to call my own, I receded into the shower, where the steam provided a momentary break. ?It’s there that I came up with a new idea that could help others relax without leaving their homes. I realized I could convert the normal shower experience into something a bit more luxurious with a simple innovation. ?So over the next few evenings and weekends, Judah and I worked up designs and some crude models. Once we knew it would work, we started to look for ways to get the project funded and to market. While both of us want to be entrepreneurs in the truest sense, neither of us could afford to be without income for very long, so building our idea completely on our own was not going to work. ?I explained the situation to a friend of mine who suggested we submit the idea to Edison Nation, and after doing some research, we became comfortable with the company and its honest approach and fairness. Now, we are both very excited about being first time inventors and are looking forward to seeing our idea hit the shelves. Thank you Edison Nation for your support and partnership!”

Congratulations Kartik and Judah. We, too, couldn’t be more excited about this product and look forward to working with you to make it a reality!

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