?Everyday Edisons? Season 4: Behind the Scenes Part 3

As new episodes of Everyday Edisons continue to air each week, we have one final installment of our Season 4 behind-the-scenes look. Miss the first two posts? See Part one and Part two.

The Scene: The Everyday Edisons studio. Inventor Charlie Lumsden sees his finished product for the first time.

Our team dressed in Hawaiian attire to make Charlie, who flew in from Maui, feel right at home.

Everyone congregated in the studio to surprise Charlie for the big reveal of his product, the Hydrolyptic!


The Scene: The Everyday Edisons crew set up at local pet supply shop, Canine Caf?, for the big reveal of Daniel Lentz’s “Rover Rinser.”

Big thanks to the Canine Caf? crew who were so friendly and helpful!

Daniel using his invention for the first time!

Our staff members were invited to bring along their own pups for a spin with the Rover Rinser.


The Scene: Continuous Convection Grill inventor Al Contarino came in for a visit, creating the perfect excuse for an EE team cookout!

Al took a moment to express his gratitude to the team. Thank YOU Al for entrusting us with your great idea! 🙂

Lunch time!

Everyday Edisons production intern, Troi, fired up the grill!

Al with his Continuous Convection Grill

Want more Everyday Edisons, Season 4? Episodes are in full swing on many public television stations across the country – check your local listings. Also, don’t forget, each Friday a new episode is posted on our site for Insiders!

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