Edison Nation Member Business Cards

One of the many cool things about working with a community of inventors is their propensity for creating a solution wherever they see a need. Through a thread started in our Edison Nation forums, (an always fun and informative read if you haven’t visited!) our members decided they wanted a better way spread the word about Edison Nation to their family and friends — so they created one! Member Greg Bruce introduced the idea, Larry Blazek took the initiative on a template, and after working with our team, they’re now here — your very own Edison Nation Member Business Cards!

See the business card template and step-by-step instructions to customize and print your own set of cards right from your home!

Huge thanks to Greg Bruce, Larry Blazek, and to all of our Edison Nation members for their desire to support this awesome community that they have helped us build!

3 Comments Edison Nation Member Business Cards

  1. Lanky

    Thanks guys. I have lots of space on my head for another hat!! Nice to have something that you don’t have to think about doing yourself. Well done!

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