Six Exciting “G8s” in our Medical Innovation Fund Search!

Today, we’re pleased to share with you that not one… not two… but EIGHT of your fellow community members (and six ideas!) have been selected to move forward in our Medical Innovation Fund search! Read below to learn a little about the faces behind our newest “G8” successes, then join us in congratulating each of them on this exciting step toward success!

Patrick Ottuso & Vincent Sneider
A dermatologist in Vero Beach, FL., Patrick Ottuso is married to his high school sweetheart and is the father of two daughters. In 2007, like many, Patrick was moved by the terrible attacks that took place at Virginia Tech University, so he channeled his concern into inventing – designing a safety device for personal use. A few years later, Patrick was shown an article by a friend and fellow inventor, which discussed the use of feminine hygiene products to aid injured soldiers in Afghanistan. Feeling strongly that there should be something more available to them, an idea was born and the two began collaborating on the product?s development. Getting on in years, however, Patrick?s friend decided to turn his responsibilities over to his son, Vincent Sneider. Vincent picked up where his father left off, and together the two have created a product that has great potential for use in both military and civilian venues.

Cory Carter
With a background in the orthopaedic device industry, and as a former athlete and inventor – having developed a baby/toddler product with his wife – it was only a matter of time before Cory Carter would meld his experiences to create a medical innovation. Cory?s athletic days resulted in several injuries and thirteen surgeries over the years. Gaining a keen insight into the rehab and recovery process, Cory noticed a particular discomfort when he slept that not only disrupted his sleep, but also had the potential to prolong the recovery process, so he decided to create a solution. Cory submitted his idea to Edison Nation, where our team saw the same potential in the idea and have now selected it to move forward!

Larry Blazek
Larry Blazek has worked in the graphic design field for 31 years, though he recalls an interest in inventing dating back to ages 3 or 4 years old, when he would tinker with things and take them apart. At age 37, with Prostate Cancer running in the family and at the urging of his wife, Kathy, Larry began undergoing regular screenings (despite the recommended age being 50 years old) – he received a positive diagnosis on his 44th birthday. Larry was placed on a catheter for three weeks following surgery, which introduced him to a deficiency in current devices and sparked the idea for a new innovation. Larry was able to come up with a viable solution, however, he continuously ran into one problem – most companies were looking for a commercially viable product – not a specialty medical device like his. That?s when a friend told Larry about the Medical Innovation Fund search through Edison Nation. Larry submitted his idea and caught the attention of our team!


Mark & Ron Bilak
Both holding backgrounds in electrical engineering, father and son Ronald and Mark Bilak routinely invented separately, though in 2005 began inventing together. Back problems have always persisted in their family, so when a particularly notable episode occurred for Mark, the two decided to put their innovative thinking skills to the test. Ron and Mark created a product to aid those like themselves who suffer from back issues and together submitted the idea to our Medical Innovation Fund search, where it will now move forward with the potential for development!


Tim Hayes
Lakewood, OH resident, Tim Hayes? first invention was a ?quick seed planter? he created in middle school. Tim later studied and earned a BFA in?Industrial Design, a major he chose to help him one day create his own inventions and ideas. Aspiring to invent full-time, Tim continually sought out opportunities to invent new things, so when his mom who is a nurse, gave him one of her personal medical devices to test out and see if he could find ways to improve upon it, he did just that, coming with a great new innovation that is now moving forward in our Innovation Fund process!


Mogie Pillay
Born in Durban, South Africa, Mogie Pillay left during the apartheid era 25 years ago to settle in Auckland, New Zealand with his wife and two kids. There, he works as a Civil Engineer for a small Engineering Consultancy. Tinkering with classic and vintage cars most of his life, Mogie often adapted tools and parts to suit the demands of the job, marking his first steps into the world of invention. When it comes to his medical innovation, Mogie initially intended for it to make a routine domestic chore easier -? but the direction soon changed. His wife, an infection preventionist, shared the issues of bug transmission with him, and upon examining outbreaks like SARS, Avian Flu, and H1N1, Mogie quickly realized that his invention would be a useful tool in the fight against these and ?healthcare-acquired infections.? Mogie submitted his great idea to our Medical Innovation Fund search, and now our team looks forward to moving it forward toward development!

16 Comments Six Exciting “G8s” in our Medical Innovation Fund Search!

  1. Tami Harris

    Congratulations to all eight Edison Nation members on your success in the Medical Innovation Fund search! I wish you all great success!

  2. bill ward

    Thanks for the inspiration. Congrats to the inventors and Edison Nation for helping make it happen!

  3. Carol Atkinson

    Congradulation’s to all.
    Edison Nation is the best for helping people with new idea’s.

  4. George Deem

    I have an idea, already with Edison Nation for a long time with out much interest etc., However, I have set up the above web site to release my idea to the public, Please go to the web site and review “Med” Blog video’s. These videos are new, and still using old but good methods. My idea improves on this work. If you watch these videos and then look at my idea that I have. You can see the possibilities of the money it can and will make for any company to invest in. I have additional items to add but for the right connections. At this time first come first served.

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