Jason Watson Moves Forward in the Innovation Fund Process!

Today, we’re excited to announce a new success for one of our EN community members! Please join us in congratulating Jason Watson on the selection of his idea from the “Pet Category” of our Innovation Fund searches!

About Jason Watson

Working in sales throughout most of his career, it was Jason Watson’s love for pets, dogs in particular, that launched him into the world of inventing. Coming up with his first idea in 2006, Jason created a dog collar made of a non-pourous polymer, which he named “The Original All Style, No Stink” collar. From there,? Jason decided to dive into the business of pet accessories full-time by launching his own company, the Dublin Dog Co., a website selling dog collars, leashes, toys, and tags.

It was an unexpected incident in the car, however, resulting in a quick tumble and an injured chin for Jason’s German Shepard puppy that led him to invent a device to prevent a similar situation from occurring again and keep dogs safe in cars. Jason took initial steps to pursue his idea, naming the device a name and even obtaining a patent, however, still needed assistance moving the product forward.


I simply never had the time, energy, or resources to get this product off the ground, said Jason. I came across Edison Nation one day and I noticed there was a pet innovation fund, so I entered my idea on a whim.

Jason’s quick decision paid off, with our team selecting his idea to move forward into our Concept Research Phase. There, we will further research the landscape of his idea to work toward bringing it to store shelves!

When asked what else he would like the Edison Nation community to know about him, Jason shared:

“The wonderful thing for me about this entire process was that it came about out of a need, as most products on the market today come about. As such, I became so passionate about this idea and the process of inventing that everything I began to think about revolved around pets, specifically dogs. It was because of this one incident that my entire life changed. I quit a well paying job in the hi-tech marketing field to begin making products for dogs full-time, yet never in my life had I untapped that side of my brain. Once I did, it was as if I had opened the faucet to a stream of creativity and unconventional thinking that I had not fully realized. While I never had the time or resources to take this initial idea to market due to all of the new areas in my life, it was this particular event and passion project that has led me down the path to where I am today.”

Congratulations, Jason! We look forward to working with you as you continue down that path!

11 Comments Jason Watson Moves Forward in the Innovation Fund Process!

  1. Jason W

    Thanks for the kind words. This is phase one of what I hope will be continued growth for the product. I appreciate it.

  2. LeAura Alderson

    Agree!!! Great story…inspiring…and a reminder to keep on tapping into the passion to create and innovate. Looking forward to reading about the next leg of this journey.


    Fantastic, Jason. Who knows, I might be submitting my pet ideas to you and your company one day. Great inspiration!

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