Gyro Bowl? Gets a Very Disney? Makeover!

As we embark on Season 4 of Everyday Edisons and continue casting for Season 5, we’re ecstatic to share an update on Season One inventors, Brad and Melinda Shepard, and their popular kid-proof, no-spill bowl called the Gyro Bowl. If the 360 degree spinning inner-bowl wasn’t enough to prompt kids’ special requests, the new bowls featuring licensed Disney? characters will definitely seal the deal!


The Gyro Bowl is now available in four Disney characters: Cars?,? Minnie Mouse?, the Disney Princesses?, and Toy Story?!

A huge CONGRATS to Brad & Melinda on the continued success of the Gyro Bowl!

But wait – there’s more! 😉 Check out the video below for a look at how our team created the brand new Disney Gyro Bowl website!




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