“Everyday Edisons” Season 4 to Begin Distribution April 7

After many, many months in the making, we’re excited to announce that Season 4 of Everyday Edisons is finally headed to a TV near you! When will it air and what time, you ask? Great question! If you’re familiar with public television programming, you know that scheduling runs a bit differently than network television stations in many ways, one crucial difference being that programming does not air universally at one time. So, how does this affect your opportunity to watch Everyday Edisons?

Let us explain further.

Season 4 of Everyday Edisons will begin feeding to public television stations via the private APT (American Public Television) satellite network this Saturday morning, April 7.?Stations will have the opportunity to record each episode on Saturday, and then broadcast that recording when it fits their respective schedules. That means that if you are one of the lucky ones, you may be watching Season 4 of Everyday Edisons as early as this Saturday!

Since each station has a unique programming schedule and many have different pledge breaks at different times, it is very common for public television stations to record a series, but not air it for weeks or months after they?ve downloaded it – hence the varying air times. To find out if/when Everyday Edisons, Season 4 will air in your market, visit the website of your local public television station, or feel free to give them a call! Keep in mind that most public television station websites only post their schedules one to four weeks in advance, so if you don’t see it yet, don’t panic!

If you want to get in on the action of ensuring Everyday Edisons, Season 4 airs in your local market sooner rather than later, check out this forum thread to find out how you can help!

**Bonus for Edison Nation Insiders!**

If you’re one of our Insiders, no need to wait for your local airdate! Beginning next Friday, April 13, we?ll post one episode each week for our Insiders to watch online as a bonus for their Insider membership! Not an Insider yet? Click here to learn how to upgrade your membership! Hurry, so you can be among the first to watch Season 4!

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  1. Curtis, Cleveland Ohio

    I think I may have to write PBS, because here it is April 20th and they haven’t shown it yet. I even typed in the name and it’s not even in the listings.

    Edison Nation is the only chance I have in becoming a “true” inventor. Gotta get my inspiration back.

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