Q & A with Fisher-Price: Mechanical Plush & Plastic Characters

You shared your questions about our Live Product Search with Fisher-Price for mechanical plush & plastic characters/dolls. Now we have answers straight from the Fisher-Price team. Be sure to reference this information to improve your chance for success as you prepare your submissions!

Q. Will good ideas that don?t fit Fisher-Price?s age range possibly be considered for your parent company Mattel?

A. Don?t hold back a good idea. There have been many occasions when we have been able to bring an older age idea down in age. We do not want the ideas to be pre-edited for this reason.

Q. You mentioned that mechanisms should utilize standard motors; is there any other manufacturing criterion that you can share?

A. Ideally products should use AA batteries –? please stay away from larger sized batteries. We also cannot have items that plug into the wall.

Q. What retail price-point does a $20 maximum cost of goods translate to?

A. Maximum $79.99

Q. With mechanical dolls currently selling on the market at largely varied price-points, what retail price range would be best suited for this search?

A. $19.99-$79.99

Q. What is the desired target age range for this search?

A. 2-6 years is the sweet spot. However, many of the most successful items appeal to all ages, even adults and collectors, based on their humor and novelty.

Q. Are you open to character ideas that Fisher-Price would have to acquire licensing for?

A. Our highest priority is to find amazing mechanisms and execution, so don?t be limited by licenses that are currently in our portfolio. We can often interpret ideas that are designed with one character in mind for another character.

Q. Can you share with us any concepts that you do not want to see?

A. We are interested in all concepts. We do not want to limit your ideas. There have been many times when a concept is presented with one idea in mind that our team has interpreted in a different way. The most important thing is that your submissions contain innovative mechanisms that are clearly demonstrated. It?s all about the execution — we want to see the most exciting ideas!

Don’t forget: This search closes Monday, April 9, 2012 at 11:59PM PST.
Happy Inventing!

5 Comments Q & A with Fisher-Price: Mechanical Plush & Plastic Characters

  1. Tannis Curls

    You talk about using AA batteries in the units and say that it can’t be plugged into the wall. Can it be charged by computer? Especially when part of my idea involves interacting online and downloading info into my physical toy. Parents can select age appropriate material/child can extend playtime from the physical world,into the cyber one. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Andrea Simon

    Hi Tannis,
    We’ve run your question by the Fisher-Price team and they are open to ideas that charge by computer/require a rechargeable battery.

  3. Michelle

    Hi, I have a great idea which would be great for fisher-price but does it have to be mechanical?

  4. Andrea Simon

    Hi Michelle,
    For this specific search, Fisher-Price is only looking for mechanical innovations. We have a great relationship with Fisher-Price and have worked with them to find innovations in other product categories in the past, so continue to be on the lookout.

    Also, something to consider: by submitting to one of our “open innovation” searches (such as the Everyday Edisons Casting Call), if your child-related product idea is selected, Fisher-Price could very well be one of the companies our team approaches for potential licensing, should we believe it is a fit for them.

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