Join us for a Tweet Chat with Daymond John March 13!

It’s time for our March #InventChat and we’ve got another exciting special guest!

This month Shark Tank‘s Daymond John will be with us to answer your questions about finding success for your inventions/ideas. The 1 hour chat will take place Tuesday, March 13 at 2PM EST!

To ask Daymond a question, simply tweet @TheSharkDaymond, @EdisonNation during the chat and be sure to use the #InventChat hashtag.

Or — if you’d like to ask your question in advance, simply post it in the comments below by Friday, March 9 and Daymond will answer during the chat.

We can’t wait to see you there!

**Please Note: Daymond will not be able to offer advice or provide feedback on specific inventions or business ideas. For those interested in pitching a product idea to Daymond, please do so by way of the Edison Nation/Daymond John product search found at:

19 Comments Join us for a Tweet Chat with Daymond John March 13!

  1. randy smith

    Mr daymond john hello, my question is this, I Am an amputee and I beleave I have an invention that will help a lot of people but my delema is I have no money I joined edison nation but I can’t even afford the $25.00 to get my idea on there I got ahold of davison invention company they want to work with me but they want $795.00 and I really don’t have that I’ve tried to get info on open casting calls for the shark tank but they are not do anything at this time I can’t afford a patent so I can’t give out any information without something signed so do you know what I can do I’m starting to think that entrapanuership is just for the well off they should have a program so even the poor have a chance to get there ideas out there I don’t know what to do I beleave that entrapanuership should be for us all it should Be based on there idea someone should check it out without charging to do that and than if they think it is goodenough to make it happen than become partners so both parties can make it. Thank you for your very valuble time.

  2. Shakira Jones

    Hey Daymond,Edison Nation, and Inventor Resources. My name is Shakira Jones. Really want to put out my invention. Daymond are you willing to take 15-20% of my Invention Slim & Trim. You brought me out more of my comfort zone. And if I didn’t feel I have a great product I wouldn’t push like this. All I’m saying and asking is for a chance. Thank You.

  3. Shakira Jones

    Forget 15-20% and make it 30% of my invention cause I know it will sell cause I have ladies waiting for it

  4. John McKee

    Hi Daymond & EN Team,

    Where do I start. I thought I would post in advance and also be available on the chat. I do not know if we can question the status for our EN submission on the Daymond John $1Million competition but we did submit there on 1/22/12.

    My next questions is to see if you can help us find a MFG who can knows glove knitting inside and out. We prefer the U.S.

    Note: We are already selling but we also need a Shark partner. I know you started out making your own clothes at home and believe me if we could afford the knitting machine needed we would be making our own glove.

    We have the material supplier already and have inventory but we are about to run out and also need assortments. We need a new MFG

    Also do you know anyone in beauty industry you can refer us to we can align with?

    Lastly we would prefer to just partner with you & EN because funding is need to move forward due to influx of business. Hint, Hint!

    Thank you in advance,

    John McKee
    Proprietor & Co-Inventor
    The Original Cosmo Finger Guard

  5. James Chapman

    Will you be looking to only licencse a product design to other distributors or will you be considering developing the ideas as your own brand?

  6. Sherry Cherry

    I have contacted an estate on a major artist, (2pac) they want to do business with me, but they are requiring a 50K licencsing fee. They want me to come out to LA. I do not know anyone with 50K. They liked my ideal so much he offered up Micheal Jackson and his whole artist that they managed. I pitched this ideal along time ago to Memphis Bleek he liked it and I sent a friend out to New York he messed up. That was at least 10 years ago and to this day no one has come up with this ideal. I just need to get in front of someone to tell this ideal too with 50K. Any ideals?

  7. Sherry Cherry

    I forgot to say that the estate offered distribution as well. I should also say I did not even give them all the whole ideal. I need to get in front of indivual(s) with money. Again, any ideals?

  8. Darrel Lovley


    Do you view the EN invention company idea as a big winner in the future? Do you see it as a potential powerhouse with the potential for major and impactful advances in the world? I see EN as something that will likely sky rocket in years to come. What are your thoughts on the invention company concept in general?

  9. ray morante

    Daymond,Can i be helped ? I don’t have an invention or an innovation on a product, but i did realize how i can create an establishment like a Chuck E Cheese or a Dave&Busters for a fraction of the cost but with high profits ,you should be fully aware that establishments like the ones i just mentioned are highly lucrative if done the proper way ,anyone in the position of trying to enter this industry can do so but like any other business if not well planned and having a niche or something special you won’t really be getting anyone’s attention,so why not just hear me out I hope at this point I’m getting your attention, you like others may be skeptical but regardless if i get help now you can’t deny the fact that what I’m saying is true,numbers don’t lie and neither are the ones that my research has come up with,I’m a highly motivated person who will make this happen just looking for some help,so if i can be helped please respond “you said you invest in people not businesses ” I hope you can see the potential in me thanks

  10. Becky Lucid

    Dear Mr. John & Edison Nation,

    Is it possible in your search that you will be selecting more than 1 product within your search?

    Do you have a date set to go over the search presentations?

    Thank you in advance for your response & the opportunity this search provides inventors!

  11. Darrel Lovley


    Do you have an particular preference with regard to specific industries and price points with your selection of submitted ideas? Or is it just a matter of the best idea(s) win?

  12. Jerry A

    I have a patented product that has been manufactured (22,000 pieces) but some poor business practices by the manufacturer has left me waiting over 3 1/2 years with promise after promise being broken. Because of their heel dragging they lost a deal with Rite-Aid and HSN and possibly CVS. I’m living a virtual nightmare with this company on a product that has been very well accepted by those that view it.
    My product is a one that will sell worldwide when marketed but the heel dragging is placing me in a position to make a major decision in legally canceling my license contract.(the manufacturer has already broken the contract in numerous paragraphs)I hate the thought of losing almost 4 years but I must act soon. Any suggeetions?

  13. da Biskit

    Is a product brand something that you will be considering for this search? My suggested idea for example, is an athletic wear product, but the name (branding) and mostly the concept it represents will lend itself to an entire line going forward (ie Nike, FUBU, etc).

  14. James B Suggs

    Hello, I am founder and inventor of the EdgeNcut. My patent is pending. The EdgeNcut is an attachable utility to a riding mower that reduces the time and effort of trimming and edging a lawn/landscape. I know there are 58 million Americans with at least an acre of land. 6 million lawn mowers are sold each year. I want to sell or license my invention. Mfg is not my back ground. What is best direction? This product could be sold easily along with any riding mower. The main companies would be Jhon Deere, Toro company and MTD. Theses are the leading mfgs.
    Thank you,

    James B Suggs

  15. Bradley Sippl

    Do you think it is possible to improve upon the standard nail clipper design that squashes your nail flat prior to clipping?

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