Fan Re-Invention Project

Sometimes creating an invention merely requires taking an already existing concept, and turning it into something new and improved. For our Producer & Sr. Editor, Daniel Cordero, this idea is reflected through his hobby of restoring and re-purposing old antique finds. Below Daniel shares a step-by-step look at one of his recent restoration projects, where he turns an old fan into a “light bulb” moment.


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17 Comments Fan Re-Invention Project

  1. Marvin B

    Great Work Daniel!

    This is now a beautiful piece of funcional art. Love what you did with it. Great Idea!!!

  2. penster


    What a cool idea! I love the old fan…..that was a lot of work!

    Does the fan/lights turn? Just cool!

  3. Daniel Cordero

    Hey Penster,

    The lights are on a dimmer switch only…I couldn’t get the lights to turn because the wire would keep twisting. I thought the dimmer would be a nice addition because the vintage bulbs give off a nice warm glow with the large filament and with the dimmer you could really see it.

    Glad everyone likes it. I’m working on a new style fan this weekend.

    -Daniel C.

  4. Fred W


    Very very nice. I like how you left the Logo
    in the center of the fan unchanged and everything else kind of plays off of it. To me that really makes it work.

  5. Daniel Cordero

    Yeah, the logo was the icing on the cake with this fan. It really brings it together.

  6. marcus

    Cool Light Daniel. Even though the lights can’t rotate, have you considered making the oscillation work?

  7. Penster

    OK Daniel………..where is the next fan project you promised?

    Have a fun weekend….it looks like you do!

    Ta Ta….

  8. Daniel Cordero

    Hey Penster,

    I did indeed finished my next fan project.

    Check out the video on it. I graduated from taking just a couple still images to a full time lapse video of the process:


  9. Penster


    Daniel….that fan is beautiful! I want one…where did you get those bulbs? Just amazing!

    The video….you are sooo talented…and funny.

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Ernesto Tan

    I can definitely reinvent this fan, base from my Boomerang design! I made a boomerang out from a cardboard and it flies and comes back to me consistently , because the way I designed the blades it reduces a drag and flies more efficiently and this can be also applied to any fan or even ceiling fans which will make it more efficient and may also save more energy! I still have my design in my computer and I will try to submit this sometimes and I also need your inputs and maybe you can experiment if it really works! Maybe somebody here knows how to make a real plywood boomerang that would be really nice…
    I’m new to Edison Nation and I also met some friends I made friends from another Product development Community like this! Wish you all the best! Good Luck!

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