Peter Wachtel Receives “As Seen On TV” Option!

Exciting news! We are pleased to announce that as a result of our “As Seen On TV: Take 3″ Search, Edison Nation member, Peter Wachtel, has had his submission selected for an option period with one of our DRTV partners!

Please join us in congratulating Peter!

To learn more about the ASOTV Option and the next steps for Peter’s invention, be sure to check out our post The “As Seen On TV” Option: What Does it Mean?

15 Comments Peter Wachtel Receives “As Seen On TV” Option!

  1. Peter A. Wachtel

    WOW! Thank you everyone and the whole EN team for helping get my idea to this stage (still have some work to do). Wanted to let you know not only is EN a great company, but the people, inventors and what you do on every level is truly inspiring. I look forward to much more with EN in the future.

  2. Marie Hegeman

    Congratulations, Peter! This is terrific news, and nobody deserves to have their ideas become reality more than you!

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