“Everyday Edisons” Season 4: Behind the Scenes Part 1

Everyday Edisons gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at developing a product from start to finish — along with the everyday people behind those great product ideas. But have you ever wondered what it’s like behind the scenes of filming the show, and who the people are who make it happen? Well, in today’s post (along with its upcoming counterparts!) you’ll get an opportunity to find out!

The scene: The Everyday Edisons crew set up shop at the Harris YMCA in Charlotte to film an introduction to Season 4 inventor, Greg Bruce‘s “Cardio Air Tubes.”

The shoot started out on an eventful note, when an unexpected fire alarm forced everyone to evacuate the building, moments after our team arrived.

Thankfully not an emergency, everyone was let back inside, and our crew set up on an outdoor field, where members of the Y’s Active Adults class were gracious enough to serve as our “extras.”

This guy was all ready to help out — unfortunately, sporting a beer company on one’s T-shirt isn’t exactly public television-friendly…

So our production team had to send him on his way! We appreciate him anyway!

Once Everyday Edisons Producer, Elyse Williams, prepped everyone and got them into their places, filming began.

Our film crew member, Corey Utke, was our go-to camera-man for the shoot.

The volunteers were instructed to walk/jog around the field, as Everyday Edisons host, Michael Cable, discussed the importance of exercise.

Elyse, who is always full of energy, had no problem jumping in to show a volunteer how to “power walk” around the field.

As the volunteers set our background, Michael filmed his lines.

The crew made sure to get two good “takes” of each shot for back-up. Once that was achieved — filming was a wrap!

As you may be able to tell, a lot takes place behind the scenes to accomplish what, for viewers, may last only several seconds. This particular shoot took roughly an hour-and-a-half from arrival to departure — but it’s all in a day’s work!

Special thanks to the Harris YMCA staff and volunteers for their assistance!

In “Everyday Edisons” Season 4: Behind the Scenes Part 2, you’ll get a peek at a second Season 4 filming, and a look into where all the show editing magic happens!

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    That was very interesting. I feel so bad for ‘Beer Shirt Dude’ though. He seems so sad and dejected as he walks away…to the nearest bar. 🙂

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