Q & A with Shat-R-Shield, Inc.

The Shat-R-Shield team has answered YOUR questions regarding their Made in America Live Product Search. Be sure to reference this information and submit your idea before the search closes on Monday, December 19 at 11:59pm PST. Happy Inventing!

Q. Will priority be given to certain applications (i.e., lighting vs. non-lighting)?

A. It will depend. Our core business is lighting, therefore, if an application is easily realized because it fits into our core processes and markets, we may give priority to that application. It will mostly depend upon how realistic we think the application is and the amount of resources that would be necessary to bring a new product to market.

Q. Are concepts that incorporate Shat-R-Shield’s current product lineup for bulbs/lamps in any way favored?

A. We currently coat most lamp types, with few exceptions, so we have the coated lamp line pretty well taken care of. It depends upon what you mean by “concepts.” We are looking for new ideas as to what we can coat besides lamps, however, if someone has an idea regarding lighting we will be glad to consider.

Q. Would Shat-R-Shield consider concepts that incorporate any form of LED lamps (i.e., LED, surface mount LED (SMD), SMD strips, or OLED)?

A. Yes. We are currently exploring that area ourselves, but would welcome ideas.

Q. Is there an ideal price range?

A. Price depends upon the product, but of course our customers would always answer that question by saying, “low.”

Q. You are looking to “expand your reach beyond commercial lighting,” but are you looking to go beyond commercial/industry applications altogether and potentially introduce a consumer goods product?

A. We have steered away from the consumer market on coated lamps because of added cost, which would drive up the retail. If there were other consumer products presented we would definitely take a close look.

Q. Are you looking for:
a. Applications to existing products (i.e., ideas for products to add the coating to)?
b. Applications to existing fields of practice?
c. Applications to completely new product concepts?

A. Yes to all of the above.

Q. Are you capable and willing to enter new markets based on the ideas found in this search? Do you have the distribution to these markets?

A. We currently have strong relationships within the electrical distribution market. The main usage for our products are used in food processing, food packaging, pharmaceutical, some medical, cosmetic and food service anywhere a coated lamp is used to prevent glass exposure.

Q. What are your manufacturing capabilities?

A. Currently, we have 7 product lines with the ability to modify and expand based on the products presented. If a capital expenditure is required we are willing to invest.

Q. Who is the ideal customer for products developed through this search?

A. It depends upon the product. We have no restrictions.

Q. Are there any size limits on the surface area that can be effectively coated? Are there size limits based on Shat-R-Shield’s production line?

A. Yes. We have various methods and would simply have to look at the submitted idea. If our research concludes we need to modify to accommodate a different size we would consider based upon the ROI.

Q. Are there any limits on glass/plastic material thickness that Shat-R-Shield’s coating will effectively shatterproof?

A. We typically do not coat plastic, but on glass there would probably be no limits.

Q. How exactly is the coating applied?

A. Electrostatic powder spray, powder dip, liquid dip, extrusion.

Q. What kinds of materials besides glass can the coating be applied to?

A. Practically anything, however, plastic is typically not coated primarily because of a heat process necessary for the coating method. We would need to put a product made of plastic through our R&D process before making a final determination.

Q. What kind of materials can’t it be applied to?

A. Tempered glass has been a challenge, but we have not received a lot of requests at this time. Since we are in the coating business and have significant access to various resources, we could source a different coating than what has been tried in the past.

Q. Are you interested in kitchen/everyday use products? If so, is the coating non-toxic and safe to apply to food related items, packaging, glassware, bowls, etc.?

A. Yes to all of the above.

Q. Is the coating microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe?

A. We just recently developed a product that will require cleaning in a dishwasher and it is in testing at this time. We have not tested in a microwave as of this date.

Q. Can this coating be mixed into a material to strengthen it, or is it only to be used for coating?

A. We would need more information to answer this question.

Q. Do you use Plastisol (the polymer coating on pliers handles) to coat your glass? It is sometimes used on glass chemical bottles for anti-shatter.

A. No

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    I greatly appreciate your answers to our questions. I am sure many of the submissions for this search were for new products and hope others have learned as much insight to your companies approach as have I.

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