Official #InventChat Rules

#InventChat is a monthly tweet chat for inventors and idea people. The conversation takes place on Twitter every 2nd Tuesday of the month from 2-3 pm ET and is hosted by @EdisonNation. Participating is easy and fun! Please be sure to review these simple guidelines to help you get started and join the conversation!

  • To participate, simply log-in using your personal Twitter sign-in information – we do, however, recommend downloading a free dashboard like TweetDeck or signing into your account through to follow along and participate most effectively.
    • Upon entering the chat, be sure to say hello and introduce yourself!
    • Remember to include the #InventChat hashtag in each of your tweets to keep your posts within the conversation stream (e.g., I’m so excited to participate today! #Inventchat).
    • Don’t be shy about answering/asking questions, contributing relevant opinions, engaging with others and retweeting answers or links that you find helpful.
    • Please be respectful of the opinions of others – derogatory, abusive, or otherwise offensive language/behavior will not be tolerated.
    • While it can be easy to veer off track, please help us keep the conversation relevant to the topic during the official chat session.
    • Participants are always welcome to use the #inventchat hashtag for relevant conversations after the chat ends, or to link to relevant content outside of chat sessions.
    • Participants are always welcome to ask questions related to the topic during any time throughout the chat.? Please note that Edison Nation or its chat guests are not able to answer questions or provide feedback related to a specific idea submission. Because of time restrictions, we apologize in advance if we are not able to get to every question.
    • Lastly (and most importantly!) – have fun, share opinions, and learn something new!

We can’t wait to see you there!