John Lynch Moves Forward in the Innovation Fund Process!

Today, we announce another exciting Innovation Fund selection. While we couldn’t be more pleased to move forward with this submission, both our selection and announcement of this idea is very bittersweet. On September 13, shortly after learning that his Innovation Fund submission had been selected to move forward, Edison Nation member, John Lynch, passed away. Knowing how much John believed in his idea, his brother Bill Lynch has stepped up in hopes of seeing the idea through on his brother’s behalf.

About John Lynch

John grew up in a family of craftsmen and inventors. With a father who was a carpenter craftsman, and his brother an architect-engineer and printer, the family often joked about their obsession with innovation, calling it “the family disease.” With only a high school education, John had many interests and talents; most notably his aptitude for numbers and his knack for invention. John’s family remembers him designing and building an analog “sports car rally computer” in 1963 – years before electronic calculators and portable computers became commercially available. He was also known for making countless “improvements” for household devices and even obtained patents for the most promising designs. For recreation, John enjoyed experimentation with magnetic motors and explored countless approaches for harnessing the power of fixed magnets in an effort to produce useful energy.

With a varied business career throughout his life, it was while watching the work of commercial printers that John witnessed a technique that sent his creative wheels turning. He began thinking of ways to use a similar design and technique to create ease when using a common home and office supply. Realizing that the basic design of the product had remained unchanged for years, he set out to develop a new design that he believed would be a major advance in the industry.

John submitted the idea to our Innovation Fund and we now look forward to moving his idea into our Concept Research Phase with a goal of bringing John’s product to market and continuing his legacy.

Congratulations to John and Bill Lynch on moving forward in our Innovation Fund process!

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