RIP Steve Jobs, An Iconic Inventor

For inventors, most often the driving force behind what we do is a goal to make life easier, or better in some shape or form. We’re sure we’re not alone in saying we can’t think of an inventor who has had more of an impact on advancing technology and meeting the goal of adding convenience and ease to this generation than Apple visionary and co-founder, Steve Jobs. To him, today, we say RIP to an iconic inventor.

To learn more about Steve Jobs, the inventor, be sure to check out this fascinating New York Times article chronicling the 317 patents on which he was named.

2 Comments RIP Steve Jobs, An Iconic Inventor

  1. blubb

    Inventor, who never really invented anything. Might have been his biggest marketing stunt after all. Visionary, maybe. A business guy who understood how to sell technology, certainly.

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