30 Million Eggies Contest

Hey, Inventors! Feel like winning something?! 🙂 If so, get out your rulers and brush off those math skills; we have a fun challenge for you!

We recently shared the exciting news about the 30 millionth Eggie rolling off the assembly line! Now, in celebration of this feat, we’re giving some of those Eggies away! Want to win a set? Here’s how it works:

The first 30 people to email us with the correct answer to the following question will win their own set of Eggies:

If you laid 30 million Eggies end to end, how many miles would they go?

Email your answers to eggiescontest@edisonnation.com no later than Wednesday, September 21 at 5pm EST. The correct answer will be announced and the winners will be notified by email on Friday, September 23.

To help you out a bit, here’s a tip:

-The Eggie in this image is very close to actual size.


Hope this helps and good luck! 🙂

***Important Note: Those whose answers fall within 10 miles of the correct answer will qualify. Please also include in your email, your full name and mailing address. U.S. residents only, please. ***


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  2. Edna

    this Eggies are great for jello molds put your fav fruit in like a strawberry and pour jello in and when done chillin you slice down the middle and add a little whip cream to the top awsome

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