Betsy Kaufman: My “Eggies” Journey

Here at Edison Nation, the everyday people with extraordinary ideas we encounter daily are why we love doing what we do. While we can never get enough of sharing our members’ successes, there’s nothing like hearing about the experience from the inventors themselves. Today, read as Betsy Kaufman, creator of As Seen on TV?phenomenon, ‘Eggies,’ shares in her own words how her idea went from a quickly sketched drawing to the next ASOTV hit.


“I never thought I?d be the inventor of an ‘As Seen on TV’ product, but that?s just what is happening to me right now in my life.”

It all started with the back of a Bed Bath & Beyond sales receipt in the fall of 2009. For some reason I always read the back of receipts?just in case there?s a discount offer for my next trip into the store, or maybe an offer for free french fries with my next hamburger purchase.

But on this particular day, the back of my sales receipt asked a question: “Ever Have a Great Dorm Idea?” I thought, wow, my son?s in college and I?ve been in lots of dorms? maybe I should get creative. The receipt directed me to Edison Nation, so I logged onto the website where I discovered the most incredible community of people. Some were really inventor types, some were just ?Looky-Loos? and others were just curious… like me. So I took the plunge. I entered 3 ideas and started what is now commonly referred to as ?Dashboard Addiction.? I checked my dashboards daily? then hourly? and sometimes by the minute!

Then one day as I was checking on my submissions, I read about an ASOTV search. I got so excited as I started thinking about all the products I?ve ordered from late night infomercials and seen in so many stores. I couldn?t stop smiling as I fantasized about having my very own infomercial! The only problem was?I didn?t have an idea!

Fast forward to a week later. It was early in the morning and I’d started to make some hard boiled eggs. Then suddenly it happened? an idea popped into my head! Well, actually it was more like an explosion! Adrenaline started rushing through my body as I stared at the boiling eggs. What if there was a way to make hard boiled eggs without a shell? Think Betsy, think. Okay, let?s see? they could be little egg-shaped containers that are heat resistant and non-stick. My heart was beating faster. They could twist open near the top and a raw egg could be poured inside, and when the egg was cooked, they could twist open in the middle at the widest part of the egg. I was so wide awake at this point that I didn?t even need my coffee. I immediately began a Google search thinking, certainly I?m not the first one to come up with this idea. When I couldn?t find anything at all like it, I thought to myself, just enter it; what do you have to lose? I decided I?d take the chance.

About two months went by, during which time all three of my Bed Bath & Beyond ideas got knocked out at stage 4?.and my ASOTV submission remained at stage 3. So, I forgot about it and began concentrating on my real life as a freelance TV producer and getting ready for the holidays. And then it happened. I got an email from Edison Nation telling me that a sponsor was interested in my idea and asking me if I had a picture or a prototype. Since I?m not an inventor and would never even attempt a prototype, I just ignored the word ?prototype? entirely in the email. I sent a reply saying that I would get them a picture by the evening. Then I panicked?how in the world was I going to do that? I can?t even upload an Avatar photo! I quickly drew my egg and called a friend who re-created my drawing so it looked more professional and helped me send it to Edison Nation. About a week later, I got the phone call with that wonderful ?704? area code, telling me that my egg idea was picked! I must have said on the phone, “Are you kidding me?” at least a dozen times.

I was honestly so excited that I wanted to grab strangers off the street and tell them the news. But one of the first things I learned from the folks at Edison Nation was that I had to keep everything confidential to protect my idea, since it would be too easy for it to be copied before it was fully developed and protected. Edison Nation trademarked the name and included my name on a patent! Imagine that, my name on a patent! Wow! From there, there was prototyping, testing, focus groups, and an infomercial! I was so excited; the adrenaline rush had now become an everyday occurrence. I also began meeting some great people on the forums and felt so badly that when asked about my product, that I still had to keep quiet.

The testing began around the holidays last year and it was after the third test that I got the email that took my breath away. Eggies had done really well and was going to join other ASOTV products on store shelves all over the country! When Edison Nation announced the success on the forums, I knew I could FINALLY peel the duct tape off my mouth!

If you think that this is the end of the story?it?s not! Every day there seems to be more great news. Michael Cable, of Everyday Edisons has made me kind of an honorary “Everyday Edison” and shot an episode about Eggies. I have also had an absolutely incredible experience being interviewed by a huge publication and have had other media inquiries.

I will say it again and again?unlike many of the friends I?ve met on the forums at Edison Nation, I am not an inventor. I?m just someone who read the back of the sales receipt and submitted an idea?just an idea. It was Edison Nation that took my idea and turned it into an invention called ?Eggies.?

So when you?re watching TV and you see the Eggies infomercial, think of Edison Nation and what a tremendous opportunity they have given me and continue to give to all of their members each day. And you?ll be able to smile right along with me and know the crazy story about how my product came to life.

See Betsy’s infomercial below?produced by Edison Nation.


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23 Comments Betsy Kaufman: My “Eggies” Journey

  1. Toni LaCava

    I am so fortunate to know you Bets.
    You are one of my BFF’s. I love your
    Eggies and You. Great Invention!!!

  2. Steve Balassone

    Hey Betsy great picture to go along with a great product! Congratulations again!

  3. Toni Rey

    Well done Bets! Don’t know how I made it this long without Eggies. SO very glad you came up with this wonderful idea.

  4. Amy

    I just saw these advertised the other day and loved it. Glad to see the face behind the invention. You Rock!

  5. Derrick L James


    Wow, I’m impressed. This is a great idea. Very simple, but yet very clever. Inventions don’t have to be complicated, just useful. You nailed this one. Congratulations, and much success.

  6. Betsy

    I just found this comment page! Thanks so much! I think the coolest thing about EN is finding all of you! What a community!!!So full of support—-you all really make my heart smile!

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  8. Hiromi Kasai

    Ifound out a wonderful cooking method through YOU-TUBE.
    I’m interesting in importing and selling Eggies in Japan. Please inform me how I should make it.

  9. Melody Fox

    It all sounds so very exciting, I alway’s have wondered though , are these inventor’s making any money with their royalties?

    It is never talked about,..Just curious why, I mean it’s great to have your invention go to market , I have spent alot of money and invested alot of time , as I’m sure alot of inventor’s have. So If a product sells over a million units, what does that translate to profit wise to the inventor? I realize every deal maybe a little different.

  10. Laura


    Used my Eggies this morning for the first time! Love ’em!!
    I like the idea of having a boiled egg consisting of only the whites AND being able to add spices before cooking.. definitely going to play with different flavoring!
    Mine turned out perfectly, but had a flat top.. which was actually pretty cool because they didn’t roll off the plate! 🙂

    Good job!

  11. Betsy

    Melody, for every dollar EN makes off Eggies, I make a dollar. So the answer to your question is, yes there’s money to be made.

  12. Melody Fox

    Thank You, I was hoping you would say that…I have entered my invention with EN..but also have companies looking at it out side EN..just want to work with a company that can be trusted and honest.
    Thank You again for your reply!

  13. jessica krause

    Hello, I purchased an eggie the other day because I raise my own chickens and eggs and anyway,,, hard boiled eggs are very difficult to peel when your eggs are fresh… well at first the eggie worked great.. but since I got it my hens have started laying great big eggs… here’s the problem the yokes are to big to fit through the hole in the top(so I end up with a mess all over the counter) is there anyway to make the opening bigger and make a bigger lid… if so let me know I would buy one… you can say it’s a jumbo eggie!! Anyway for now I’ll just pick the small eggs. Thanks for a great product.. Sincerely, Jessi

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  15. James Grosshart

    Hello Betsy, I have some specific information that I would like to ask but do not wish it to be public. Will you e mail me directly? Sincere thanks, James G.

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