Q-and-A with Swing-N-Slide

A little while ago, we asked for your questions about the current Swing-N-Slide Live Product Search for residential playground innovations, which closes on April 11.  Our counterpart over at Swing-N-Slide not only welcomed your questions, but he also recently welcomed twins! Without further ado, and we apologize for our delay, please find the below Q-and-A session with Swing-N-Slide, a Playcore company.

What made you decide to partner with Edison Nation?

Edison Nation provides access to an inventor community. We are aggressively seeking marketable concepts to integrate into future product designs.

Can the dimensions posted (108” length and 165” length & height combined) be round, oblong or abstract in shape?

Yes.  All concepts should be mindful of the retail space available and shipping costs for the packaging of a new product.

Cooperative play is mentioned; does it mean you favor this type of play over individual play?

Both are important. Cooperative play does assume that more children can be pulled into the environment. In the marketing of concepts, cooperative play has significant value.

You mentioned the targeted consumer as “parents of small children.”  When you say “small children,” how small do you mean?  Two to five year olds?  Five to 10 year olds?

From age two up to 10 years old.

You mentioned you’re interested in innovative building materials including improved plastics, metals or wood substitutes.  Is Swing-N-Slide steering away from wood?

Not necessarily. We predominately use wood today. We are seeking advancements in costs, assembly, nesting/shipping, and material life that will put us ahead of the current

One of inventors mentioned he had a concept that was for children’s outdoor use, but not necessarily a playground-type innovation.  Would you be willing to accept ideas slightly outside the search guidelines?

Yes. As long it promotes play.

One of our inventors noted that his idea is still very conceptual; are you willing to consider ideas that are in the very primary stages of ideation?

Yes. As long it meets the guidelines for negotiating a business arrangement for Swing N Slide to market.

Do you have ideas for those non-parent inventors looking for inspiration?

Obviously, all inventors were children who have played at some time. Look back to your childhood and think about what is missing in today’s playground landscape. A visit to a local park or recreational center where children play may spark ideas.

Lastly, a Google search and study of today’s play products may trigger ideas for innovation. I suspect that there are many inventor innovations from non-related industries that would add value to play sets and accessories.

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    I was thinking of two plastic hands ,one on either side of the slide. The child would get two high fives every time she goes down the slide.Batteries would run a message like,good job!, high five! etc.What child doesn’t enough affirmation.

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