The Inventor Files: Innovation for a Cause

Aaron Hartmann is no stranger to hard work; a 20-year veteran of the construction and contracting industry, he has successfully taken hundreds of projects from conception to completion. After a back injury hampered his career, he decided to take all the ideas he’d been storing in his mental filing cabinet and start tinkering.

But, as most of you know, being an inventor can be daunting and overwhelming.  Time passed, and after kicking around some ideas with old pal, Josh Mason, their Eureka! moment struck.

“Josh came to me and threw me his three minute pitch on this crazy soccer idea… or so I thought at the time.” Hartmann said.  “Funny how our minds don’t always grasp things right away. It occurred to me a short time later, “He wasn’t talking about soccer, he was talking about making a real difference!” I called him back to see if I really understood, and sure enough, I had caught up to him.”

Soon after, Streamline Kids was born.  The intent is simple and worthwhile – to help children participate in all kinds of existing extracurricular activities, by funding the costs for families who can’t afford them.  From sports, to Boy Scouts, to band camp, Streamline Kids is focused on making sure these kids get the opportunity to participate.

“This is a larger problem than any of us realize. I know I took it for granted when I was a kid participating in sports, and after school activities. But I was a kid, I didn’t know any different! Today things have changed, prices have gone up, and some incomes have gone down or disappeared all together. I am also now a parent, and know what it means to want the best for my child,” Hartmann said.

Today, Streamline Kids has assembled a Board of Directors, and a team of volunteer staff working diligently to reach the goals laid out in the business plan. The Streamline Kids family of children continues to grow and the organization actively partners with schools and community outreach organizations as they continue to explore the many ways they can affect some change with this program.

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