Q&A with Brica Baby

A few weeks ago, we gave you the opportunity to submit questions for Brica Baby about their Live Product Search for new travel and bath innovations. Earlier this week, we touched base with a representative from Brica Baby for an insightful Q & A session, learning more about their business and gaining helpful pointers for submitting to their search.

Q1. Why did your company decide to partner with Edison Nation?

A1. Edison Nation has a proven track record of success.  We were drawn to the quality of inventors and ideas that Edison Nation attracts.

Q2. Your products won’t be on store shelves until next fall; what made you decide to partner with Edison Nation so early in your company’s history?

A2. Whereas the brand BRICA is new, our company has been an innovator and leader in the industry for 15 years.  BRICA is the new name (and brand) of Blue Ridge International Products.  Blue Ridge International sold most of its products under the brand “Safe-Fit”.

Q3. Do you know which retailers will feature your brand when it becomes available?

A3.  Absolutely.  All the big box retailers (as well as major e-tailers) that have supported the Safe-Fit brand are excited about supporting the BRICA brand.

Q4. One of our inventors noted that his idea is still very conceptual; are you willing to consider ideas that are in the very primary stages of ideation?

A4. Yes…We are in pursuit of all great, patentable ideas.

Q5. Will you consider submissions that fall outside of the “portable travel and bath innovations” requirements of the search?

A5. Sure – although we may not be able to immediately bring an outlying idea to fruition as quickly as ones that falls into the portable travel and bath categories.

Q6. Children’s toys, games and products need to meet rigorous standards found with industry product testing. How will this affect or influence your review of the innovations presented to you?

A6. Our Quality team is aware of all safety requirements currently in place (and even some that being considered).   We will not manufacturer a product that does not meet our internal safety standards.

Q7. From one of our inventors:  would you consider an item that cost more than your suggested MSRP?

A7. Yes.

Q8. What’s your opinion on the organic and eco-friendly trend within children’s products? Is this element a bonus for our inventors to consider?

A8. BRICA is taking steps to minimize our carbon footprint.  The President of our company even rides his bicycle to work!   In specific applications, organic materials are great.

Q9. Do you have other insights to share with our innovators submitting to your search challenge?

A9. Sometimes even a half of an idea can be finished by us – so don’t hold back!