New Live Product Search: Sassy Baby is looking for developmental juvenile products and toys.

SASSY LOGO OUTLINED_r2Here?s looking at you, kid!

Child development is Sassy Baby?s focus as a leading manufacturer of products parents can trust for their growing babies. Sassy is unique in that it works with infant development specialists to design and develop their high-quality infant and juvenile toys, care and feeding products.

Sassy Baby wants to see your innovations for products and toys that play an instrumental role in child development. Specifically, you should consider feeding utensils as well as infant development toys and products, as outlined below:

Sassy is requesting submissions for?feeding utensils that inspire caregiver confidence and self-feeding confidence. Ergonomic, on-the-go and even disposable products are all up-and-coming trends within children?s feeding products to consider. Keep in mind the targeted $2.99-$5.99?MSRP range for feeding products. Note: Sassy Baby is not interested in sippy cups or baby bottles.

Sassy is also interested in?infant (birth-6months) development toys and products. You may want to consider:

? ?Game-changing? mobiles (*mobile submissions must have an attachment mechanism that works on all styles of today?s cribs, including convertible cribs; targeted?MSRP is $50-$60)
? Soothers (in-the-crib products that involve sound, light and motion; targeted?MSRP is $30-$45 )
? Play mats and play environments (targeted?MSRP is $50-$80)
? Bouncers, especially those focusing on an improved sleep experience (targeted?MSRP is $39-$49)
? Portable infant sleep environments (targeted?MSRP is $60-$120)

Today, popular infant toys and products increasingly make use of current fashions, music and trends. We recommend considering ideas that inspire the senses, and ?grow with the child? capabilities or properties.

We encourage you to submit a visual representation of your product (i.e., sketch or photo). While not required, we highly recommend you to submit video of yourself demonstrating a prototype and explaining the features and benefits of your submission. Please be as detailed as possible in telling us about your juvenile product innovation. As always, your submission should be unique and protectable (patent protection is helpful, but not a requirement).

Product submissions should:

? Appeal to Sassy Baby?s primary customer base of ?millennial moms? looking for products that ?make it quick and easy,? provide instant gratification, are ?mom-centric? and reflect ?her? and her frugality;
? Warrant a slightly higher/ middle-range price point due to their developmental value;
? Be?EASY to understand, set up and/ or install.

Each idea costs just $25 ($20 for Edison Insiders) to submit and, as long as you maintain Edison Insider membership, your idea may be submitted to as many searches as you like at no additional cost.?Click here for more details on Live Product Searches.

Sassy Baby?s branded products for babies from birth through three years of age are distributed in all mass retailers, infant specialty, regional chains, independent retailers and in more than 30 countries.

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